Can you have braxton hicks at 8 weeks?

I got my BFP on Dec. 3rd, and my blood test was confirmed on the 11th. I’m about eight weeks pregnant now, and as of yesterday, I’ve been having what almost feels like Braxton Hicks contractions. They’re pretty frequent, I’d say but not super painful, just more uncomfortable than anything else. I had a miscarriage about three months before the start of my current pregnancy, and I also have a year and a half old daughter. I didn’t feel Braxton Hicks contractions until 20 weeks with my first pregnancy. Could these possibly be Braxton Hicks at 8 weeks, and is it something I should worry about? How can I help myself and make them go away?


Nope. But you can get implantation cramps

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If you are dehydration I’d say yes. Drink some coconut water

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No you are barely pregnant. Go to the doctor


Cramps are normal in 1st trimester.

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Not Braxton hicks but definitely cramping


U can habe braxton hicks starting at 11 weeks . I would try drinking some water and relaxing

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You should call your midwife or ob and get seen. It could be something like dehydration which can be dangerous or it can be something like the first signs of a miscarriage. There’s many other things it could be as well. Best to be seen by a medical professional.


Could be round ligament pains. Those are the worst.

Not trying to scare you I had what I thought was braxton hicks at 19 weeks and I ended up having a late miscarriage … Listen to your gut always better to get checked and be wrong I’d say :heart:

Cramping is normal. My oldest is 16 months and I am currently 28 weeks with my second. I noticed that the cramping was a little more prominent this time and I’ve read it can be due to having them closer together. I also started Braxton Hicks right around 20 weeks with both pregnancies. Just monitor it or your symptoms and call your ob if you feel like need medical advice or reassurance.

Girl get to the dr and have that baby checked out!

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You can get cramping just your body stretching out etc. Just look out for any signs of blood and if they’re really strong go and get checked shouldn’t be strong at all x

Go get checked for your own peace of mind

Braxton hicks can happen through out the entire pregnancy. I’d say normal but if you are concerned and worried for yours and bubs health, go to a gp. Better safe then sorry

I was super crampy during the beginning of my pregnancy. I felt like at any minute I was going to start my period. I would think its a little too early for Braxton hicks. But I would maybe call the doctor and get checked out.

Round ligament pain or miscarriage
Either way contact your doctor if you have concerns


It may be ligament pains. I had them so bad I thought I was having a miscarriage especially with my 3rd baby.

Id say ligament pains.