Can you lose weight while pregnant?

Has anyone tried losing weight while pregnant? I’m not at my postpartum weight loss goal yet and still feel huge, but I just found out I am pregnant today. I know you can’t do any major dieting but I wonder what you guys might of done to help lose PP weight while also pregnant and breastfeeding!


Walk alot!! And eat a very balanced diet. Drink plenty of water!! U can do some light exercises too

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Morning sickness took care of that for me. Only thing I will say is watch what you eat, no junk food, no sugars, and exercise as much as you can even if it is just walking around the block. Also ask your doctor for help, even ask to see a dietician who can help you make sure you get proper nutrition and lose fat while doing so.


Slimming world they have adaptations for pregnancy

I wouldn’t diet or try to lose weight until after baby is born.


I didn’t mean to lose weight but I’ve lost 15lbs this pregnancy. I am a waitress so I walk alot and have had awful morning sickness my entire pregnancy, currently 36 weeks.

I didn’t try to but I was extremely sick with my first and lost weight

Start drinking lots of water now and after baby’s born allllll that beautiful weight will melt right off. My baby just turned 6 months and I have lost 42 pounds since her birth! I don’t work out at all lol it’s just drinking water honestly that’s the key

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Mine was from gestational diabetes I had to do a low card diet and was super strict. I lost 35 lbs and it stayed off be my son was cleaning me dry eating every 45 minutes

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Morning sickness did it for me, With my 1st pregnancy i lost like 20 pounds. I used to be 140 and I ended it 119 (I didn’t liked) how I was looking :frowning:. But I’ll say you can you just watch what are you eating. More veggies, no fast food, no flours, no soda etc. thats how i did with my 2nd one, i was just eating healthy and nothing about crazy or a lots greasy food. After i had my 2nd baby Im 135 and Im supper happy about taking care during pregnancy. Baby was delivered healthy, big, and everything went fine​:heart:

I ate soups and salad grilled chicken all pregnancy. I didn’t gain anything. You can walk more. Or do light work out.

5c skin milk 2 eggs 1 meat / day not lunch meat hot dogs suave just 1 fish turkey or chicken serving per day 1 bread slice or 3 crackers til U can skip starches sugar and pasta 3 fruits one fresh 4 veggies one raw No cereals try grits and oatmeal

Xskim or fat free milk !

I lost some weight when I was pregnant with my daughter for about two months (mid-pregnancy) So yes, you can lose weight. I didn’t get morning sickness and I was really concerned about my weight loss. My weight eventually hit a mild spike…turns out I had preeclampsia and my daughter was not growing very much in the womb. Weight gain is total normal. You lose like 10-15 pounds after you have the baby from the baby, placenta, and fluids. Don’t be too hard on yourself and eat a well balanced diet and exercise (you can exercise normally if you were already doing so) or take some walks. The exercise and walking seemed to really help me and the deliveries of both my babies were pretty easy breezy! Breastfeeding alone will help you lose some of PP weight. I do know that you body will need some extra nourishment after you have the baby to help maintain breast milk production. I had a friend who is a beach body coach and she actually had to eat more calories to maintain her PP workouts along with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding alone can burn 500-700 calories alone!

My best advice is not to be too hard on your self! You got this girlie! Our bodies are meant for this!!! :slight_smile:

Many Moms have nursed while pregnant this abit hard on teeth and bones vo greeen leafy veggies

I wouldn’t diet but I’d eat healthy and do regular exercise like getting out for walks or whatever you feel up to within reason.

Think sausage has salt 1 meat/day

I wasn’t dieting while pregnant, but ate super healthy and was actually down 30lbs once my sone was born, from my first weigh in when I found out I was pregnant.

My doctor encouraged it. I lost twenty lbs while I was pregnant. Ate right and walked daily. Drink water mainly.

I still had about 15lbs to lose after my 3rd pregnancy with twin’s. I am currently 34 week’s pregnant. I have high blood pressure, diabetes and bad stomach issues. I am constantly sick even when I’m not pregnant but all of the symptoms are worse when I am. I follow a diabetic regimen meal plan and it does keep the weight down for me. I haven’t gained any weight. High protein, low carb, low sodium.