Can you lose weight while pregnant?

Cut all soda and eat clean.

I lost 20lbs nothing I did even kept the weight on

NO not healthy for the baby!!!

Eat very healthy and exercise daily. Even if you don’t lose weight, you’ll be health and in shape. Otherwise, talk to your midwife or ob about things you can do.


I did. I ate what I wanted. I would walk for 30 min after each meal.

Talk with your doc! I’m obese so I was ok to lose weight. With my first I gained 10 lbs with my 2nd I gained 4.

Just eat healthy and clean and drink lots of water. Depending on where you live try going for walks.

Just wait until the morning sickness kicks in! You’ll drop it in no time lol. I dropped so much weight, I looked gross. It was like a gross skinny. I’m slowly gaining back though.

I did. But only because I had GD and had to stick to a low carb diet. Both babies were perfect!

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Try following the guidelines for if were to be diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.
This is my second time with it and both times i have lost weight, while being closely monitored by my medical team.

I lost ten punts my first month :worried: but because of morning sickness and acid reflex :partying_face:

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I wasn’t back to my weight after my second, I got pregnant with my third and was classed as overweight… I wouldn’t worry too much, I didn’t gain anymore and some of my pregnancy was during lockdown where I live too!! So we couldn’t exercise the same… luckily I didn’t have any cravings :rofl: my baby was also 10lb 8, just enjoy your pregnancy mama and rest while you still can :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: xx

Eat healthy while pregnant and regular portions. I’ve lost 20lbs this pregnancy

My doctor just told me a few days ago not to try to lose any weight until I stop nursing. You shouldn’t be intentionally trying to lose weight while pregnant either unless your doctor tells you to and monitors you closely.
You should be consuming extra calories to sustain your pregnancy and your nursing child.


Eat healthy, drink lots of water, walk daily not really any secret diets or pills.

You should really be consulting your OB about this.

I changed my diet completely. Went from eating fast food a lot to almost never. I only gained 15 lbs and when I had my son I dropped lower than my Prepregnancy weight in less than a week and lost an additional 40 from breastfeeding.

Uh, losing weight while pregnant probably isn’t the best idea unless a doctor tells you to (which I doubt they would. I’m diabetic and overweight and got pregnant and they never once told me to try and lose weight while pregnant.)

I lost 27 pounds during my pregnancy. I was sick as a dog the entire time

Just eat healthy and go for daytime walks. Don’t try to lose any weight unless you doc advises it. Just watch how much weight you are gaining you should only gain 25-30 through pregnancies