Can you lose weight while pregnant?

I spent my whole pregnancy sick. Only could eat mashed potatoes. I threw up everything. I only gained 9 pounds during the term. Weighed 5 pounds less after delivery than my prepregant weight. I would never wish that on anyone. I was weak and low energy levels. Baby was fine 7 and 1/2 lbs.

I gained quite a bit of weight with my first pregnancy and didn’t lose most of it went I became pregnant with my second. But unintentionally lost about 20 pounds because of severe morning sickness… I drank a lot of barley and roasted corn tea… couldn’t handle plain water …

Exercise and lotsa water. Listen to your body, though. I was working out a ton with my 4th child, doing overexuberant stuff like jump squats with 40lbs of dumbbell…:sweat_smile: Don’t do that. Blew my back out right after I had her. But lighter weight training, walking, dancing, etc are all good.

Remember not to over do it and that your body is making another person. You’re gonna get larger, but if you stay active it’ll be easier to shed the weight after. Also, breastfeeding is not only AMAZING for baby, but helps you burn TONS of calories. :blush:

I just walked a lot. Drink tons of water and I like to drink body armor for electrolytes and to help keep my supply up.

Breastfeeding will knock ya down!!

Exercise. Your ob can give you a list of things to do while pregnant. Almost anything is safe if you keep proper form. Walking is the best!

As long as you eat as healthy as possible and don’t exercise dangerously or to exhaustion, there shouldn’t be a problem. However, discuss it in great detail with your doctor. Listen their advice, even if they tell you to put your weight loss goals on hold.

Focus on healthy eating and active movement. The scale may still go up, you are growing a human after all, but you could still end up “losing” some of the extra pp weight. And remember, “eating for 2” is not eating for 2 grown adults, it’s eating for 1 grown adult, and an organism ranging in size from a pinhead to a small/medium fruit for most of the pregnancy.


You can eating healthier is a great way to start and exercise

I got pregnant again before i lost the baby weight i was 10lbs away from pre pregnancy weight :tired_face: but what i did is eat clean and exercise the whole pregnancy so you you won’t gain any more then it’s recommended


I lost (not on purpose) by eating healthy. My belly actually was bigger the 2nd time but on the scale I had only gained 15 pounds and he weighed 13. Again my belly was huge and he was healthy. But I stopped drinking sodas and eating fast food and ate completely healthy.


Just remember you are eating for two . Your babies health is more important than your pre pregnancy weight . Don’t risk your babies health .

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I had to do a diabetic diet while I was pregnant with my oldest. Ended up only gaining two pounds then lost about 15-20 after I had her.

You can still work out just be gentle on your core. Water aerobics is good

You need to ask your OB or midwife.

My dr. Said you shouldn’t actively try to lose weight. Just to be healthy and try go maintain a healthy weight

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Since I ate more healthy when I was pregnant I lost weight.

Light exercises. Walking

Ask your physician or a dietitian.

Honey I would talk to your Dr. They can help answer your questions. Drink lots of water.