Can you microwave a bottle to warm it up?

For mamas who formula feed. What are your opinions on microwaving bottles?


I did. Just have to be careful of hot spots. I usually only did it to get bottles hot for trips out and by the time she needed it, it was the right temp.


Personally i recommend buying a cheap bottle warmed. About $10 and imo totally worth it.

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It can be done just not highly recommended, if you do make sure it’s the same temp throughout

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Do it for no longer than 15 seconds at a time and keep shaking it in between.

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Two points here. Mine only drank cold formula and secondly you shouldn’t microwave as it can create hot spots in it which could cause burning.


I pumped and bottle fed for the first little bit and I just warmed it up on the stove in a pot. I always try to avoid the microwave if possible to lessen the amount of radiation. Whatever works for you mama

Bottle warmers, you can get them for like 10 bucks

You can microwave the water before you put the formula in is what my pediatrician told me with my kids.

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I’m sure it lowers the nutrition level significantly.

I always put a pot of water on the stove, set the bottle in the water then test on your wrist

I did it. And my daughter is a perfectly healthy 12 year old. Just shake frequently to avoid hot spots


I microwaved every now and then. I just made sure to shake up the milk and be wary of hot spots.

Or create your own “warmer” by microwaving some water in bowl then setting the bottle in the water to more evenly warm it up.
Its quick, cheap, and easy as well as helps avoid the hot spots in the formula

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Noo! You can microwave a bowl or cup of water and place bottle in that

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I did it for 5 seconds at a time and shook the shit out of it and tested it first on my wrist.

Get a bottle warmer. They work great!

Never microwave formula or breast

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If you have a crock pot you could put water in it and keep it warm throughout the day and set the bottle of cold formula in it for like 5-10 min depending how hot it is. Would basically act as a bottle warmer lol.

No, just micro a cup of water super hot and put the bottle in that.