Can you pump at 22 weeks?

Just wondering if any mommas out there pumped at 22 weeks and stored it for the baby on the way?


Your milk doesn’t come in until baby is a 2-3 days old. You get cholsterum first. I reccomend taking a breastfeeding class through your WIC office or hospital. It can be helpful. I failed with my first. Much more successful with the support I recieved with my 2nd.


No. Pumping early can cause you to go into labor. The first bit of milk is actually colostrum and very beneficial for baby. Milk comes in a few days after birth. So just wait until after baby is here.


NOOOOO!!!, Pumping that early can cause preterm labor, not only that your milk doesn’t even come in till after the baby arrives. Right now is just colostrum building up. Im 26weeks and my boss just started leaking.


No. You can induce labor.


I think you need to get some education through classes… you’d benefit a lot from them because they teach a lot about when to start pumping and what not


They do recommend to pump your cholsterum before baby where I live (Canada) but like a week before you can just sqeeze it out not pump needed . I didn’t known this and when my daugther was born in need cholsterum for her in the NICU but sadly had none due to labor but the week before had a tone.

No. Can trigger labor, and you’d just get colostrum which baby doesn’t stay on for long enough to make it worth it.

Are you currently breast feeding? I know moms who have breast fed throughout pregnancy and pumped. I wouldn’t start pumping if you haven’t been breastfeeding until a few weeks before you are due


My consultant told me that if you pump to pump at 39 weeks or more. All you will collect is colostrum. You won’t get milk out until your placenta is detached and baby has 2-3 days of feeding. Some people’s milk comes in faster. But you really don’t need bottle after bottle of colostrum.

Are u currently a breast feeding mom? U can pump and save some if u are already breast feeding a child. If not i wouldn’t do that. And of course, u should really ask your doctor about this

No definitely not it can cause you to go into early labour but later in pregnancy 36/37weeks you can hand express/with a syringe and store in your freezer but only do this once you have spoken to your midwife xx


No pumping, if your leaking or uncomfortable hand express just enough to feel comfortable. If you are leaking you can get breast shells that sit inside your bra to collect what you leak to freeze.

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Nope it can put u in early labor they don’t recommend pumping until after the baby is born


I pumped 2 weeks be4 my kids were due and it was fine

Baby never came early

No I’m wondering why ??

Not recommended. There is no need to start storing before baby is born

Id say after birth. Plus to save on pumping i used to freeze my extra that way I could get a break.

No!!! Pumping can cause early labor!!!