Can you relactate after you quit?

I was wondering if any mamas out there were able to restart pumping breastmilk… I thought I would be okay with stopping, and it turns out I have such guilt and would like to restart but not sure if it’s possible. I stopped pumping for two and a half weeks and have started but not able to pump due to work, and my husband works nights, but I would love any advice and things to do or if anyone has this type of success story. Thank you

Yes you can start back up. Power pump as much as possible, and have baby latch as much as possible. Use all tips and tricks on building your supply back up, and drink a lot of body armors.

Also your work legally HAS to let you pump


Yes you should be able to start right back up as long as you stay on a consistent schedule your body will figure it out

You should get those pumps that fit into your bra and are nearly completely silent. Keep them suckers in while you’re at work lol

I was still lactating 2 years after weaning. You’ve got this mama!

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Yes it is but it also depends upon the time that it’s been since you stopped breastfeeding. Warm compressing mother’s milk tea pumping your child saliva on your nipple. It’s very possible I ended up drying up and was able to start to relactate but it was a lot of work. Good luck

Women who have never had babies before can lactate. A lot of women will choose to do this when they adopt a baby.