Can you sleep on your right side while pregnant?

Can I sleep on the right side I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant!!


You sleep anyway you are able

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Stop sleeping on your head


I was told by my dr while pregnant to always try and sleep on my left side as it lets the most oxygen get to the baby out of positions.

I flip flop all night.

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Left is the best, but I sleep on the right also.

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It is safe. They say to sleep on your left side if you can get comfortable but if you can’t you can’t.

I’ve slept on my left, right, and back :woman_shrugging: My OB didn’t have problem with it and my son is completely healthy

Back ,side , standing, whenever n wherever u can


I slept what ever way I could get comfortable and all 4 of my kids are completely healthy none my ob told me I couldn’t sleep on my right. I even slept on my belly tell I couldn’t anymore

I sleep on both sides. They say your left is the best, but if I slept only on one side I would be hurting SO bad.

I always slept how I wanted to!

I just slept what was most comfortable for me :woman_shrugging: which was tossing and turning all night so I slept on both sides

It is best to sleep on the left during pregnancy says doctors but it’s all up to you. Sleep in any way that you’re comfortable & not harming the baby.

I toss and turn all night and not had any problems I wouldn’t worry too much about it as long as you don’t lie on your back for too long because it can strain your back x

Yes you can sleep on your right side or back, unless your midwife or ob tells you to sleep on your left side (usually because of high blood pressure).

I fall sleep on my right and flop to the left. Was told back sleeping was bad

U can sleep what ever way u want I slept on my stomach half my pregnancy and my son is just fine

I generally sleep on the right, but that’s literally only what’s is comfortable.

I think doctors recommended sleeping on your left