Can you take a pregnancy test while on your period?

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To the OP, you can take a pregnancy test at any time. Your period will not affect the results.

To some of the people replying, grow the hell up. What gives you the right to judge someone for asking a simple question? Maybe she’s young and scared, which could be the reason she’s posting anonymously to this page. Were you all born with every ounce of knowledge you needed for life, or did you have to figure some of this shit out for yourselves too? IMO if you can’t be respectful and answer the question then scroll on.


I had periods through my whole pregnancy with my son. Sometimes so heavy that I would go to the ER to make sure he was still in there with a heartbeat.


I don’t think so because you need pure pee. And the pee and the blood mix. And yes people can still be pregnant and on their period… not common but it does happen. I was on my period for four months being pregnant.

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Every pregnancy is different. I’ve known some women had periods during their whole pregnancy. However in some it’s known to be "false pregnancy " I went through that about 6 months before gettin pregnant with our son.

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Is this google or a Facebook page. I feel like the same uneducated person keeps asking the same question just in a different form everytime! Good grief! Go see your Dr. :joy::joy::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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I did. I was bleeding & found out I had an ectopic pregnancy that way

Woman can still have menstrual like bleeding while pregnant. Using an instant pregnancy test from your local pharmacy while you are are bleeding or to early on in the pregnancy can result in a misreading of the test, if you are bleeding but think you could be pregnant your best option is to go see a doctor and get a blood test done. But based on the ignorance of people commenting I feel the need to clarify a blood test meaning like they take blood from your arm and test it like the hormones that doctors and lab people can see in microscopes that will be a higher count ant they count the hormones to figure it out. They won’t test the blood that you are possibly menstruating.


Why wouldn’t you be able to? The urine and blood come from separate holes. However, most women don’t have periods when pregnant; in fact, a late or missed period is typically the first indication of pregnancy. Does it run in your family that pregnant women still menstruate?


My best friend was pregnant and still got her period. Then had a beautiful baby girl who is now 27


That’s usually a sign that you don’t need a pregnancy test but yes, you still can.


Sweet baby Jesus. :woman_facepalming:t2:

I’m over here laughing at the fact so many people believe everything they see on the internet :joy::joy::joy::joy:

If you are menstrating to arent prego

Please just go to the Dr.