Can you tell babies gender by their heart rate?

Can you anonymously ask about fetal Heart rates and pregnancy and if it’s true about what they say, higher heart rate means a girl and lower heart rate means a boy? I’m currently pregnant with my biological second kid, but I have two bonus kids. He has one boy and one girl from a previous relationship, and we have a boy. I’m so hoping this is a girl bc it was a surprise pregnancy, and I want it to be our last! In all honesty, I’m just happy with a healthy baby but can’t help wanting one of each! Haha.


Nope, all of my kids were all over the place.

My girl was always 140, and my boy was 130, my mum said with her children it was the same. I dont think there is a definite answer, as all children are different, some people believe and it is coincidence, midwives will always say there is no way to tell because of heart beat. Good luck with your baby :slight_smile:

It’s a myth you can’t tell the gender by the heartbeat only by scan and even then it’s not 100 percent…from an ex midwife.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you tell babies gender by their heart rate?

No you can’t that’s a wives tale I was told lower means boy , my 2nd was born last week her HR was never above 145 and she’s a girl not a boy like I was told

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My girl was bradycardiac meaning her fetal heart rate was lower than any fetus’ should be so no it doesnt work.

Wives tails are unreliable but fun to do. And my daughters was accurate tho. She was always 150 and above

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No. My daughter and sons heart rate were pretty much almost identical

Not true in my case. All three were over 150 which is supposed to indicate a girl…all 3 are boys. My mom mentioned when she was pregnant with me my heart rate was 156. :woman_shrugging:t4:. Now the Chinese Calendar was correct for me all three times though

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Nope. My son had all the signs of a girl. 100% boy.

My son has tachycardia which means it is abnormally high so I wouldn’t trust judging by heartbeat.

No! My heart beat was “girl” but it’s a boy :slightly_smiling_face:

My daughter in 2019 was always 161bpm. My boy 2021 his heart rate was always 136bpm

No all mine were around 140 145 and I have 2 boys and a girl

All 3 of my kids heart rates were all true to gender.

Both of my girls heart beats were 140 my little man was 170

No, heart rate does not determine gender.

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My 1st heart rate was in the 160s and it right a girl my 2nd heart rate has stayed in the 140s and she is definitely going to be a girl so no not accurate

No unfortunately… me and my friend were pregnant at the same time and our babies heartbeats were the same …she had a girl. I had a boy