Child’s father isn’t financially helping

My ex and I have a two year old daughter together and we recently split about four months ago. He works full time Monday-Friday and Im a stay at home mom and babysit my nephew for my sister but still get paid but not a ton of money. I have her Monday- Friday since he can’t watch her and can’t afford daycare so we figured it would be cheaper for her to stay with me during the week while I babysit. I only ask for $100 a week and we BOTH agreed it was a good amount to help with what she would need for that week… it was working out for about two weeks and then he stopped paying and I spend all my money that I make and have absolutely nothing left over at the end of the month. I’ve used all my savings and I officially have $10 left to my name and he refuses to send me any money even tho he makes $700 a week and has his aunt help pay for rent, some bills, food, and everything else for our daughter when she’s over there during The Weekend. I only make around $140 a week. I’m in the middle of filling out paper work for child custody but custody and child support are totally different processes and I wouldn’t even see any money from him for awhile but for now I told him that if he isn’t going to financially help me and our daughter then he shouldn’t be able to see her. I seriously have no other option and have absolutely no idea what to do to get him to help. I feel like crap for doing that to him but it’s not fair that he gets to go out and drink, party, and buy a bunch of new things but isn’t able to send me some money to help out with our daughter. Am I wrong for doing this?


Have you tried to get child support from him through the state? Thats where I would start.

I’m in the process of the custody and then I have to do child support after that. It’s two different processes.

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Thats good. That will help. It is only right that he helps you. It isn’t just your responsibility so don’t feel guilty.