Christmas ideas for boys

Needing advice on what to get an 11 year old boy for Christmas. He is very into video games and outdoor activities but I am still drawling a blank. Please help! What are you getting your boys that are this age?


Ask him to make a list🤦‍♀️

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Soccer ball and pop up goal, base ball and mit, badminton is one mine is getting this year… football… and yard games (yard darts, ladder ball… etc…)

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My 10 year old boy loves model airplanes, his BB gun, Solar powered toy cars (stem), chapter books, CDs for his own stereo in his room, nerf guns…

Fishing pole football or basketball skate board see what type of games he into game card

We got my son a bow and some xbox gift cards lol

If he’s into games…Stem stem stem! It teaches him to code while having fun.

Radio car, do kids still like those? Lol nerf guns are always fun. Books, balls, Legos, video game maybe? I have all these ideas, right up until I go buy gifts for my nephew’s :joy::joy:

Earbuds, hoodie, body spray, adidas duffel bag, tablet, socks, basketball

Does he have any game consoles there are lots of games that are age appropriate and fun to play as a family me and my family game alot together also Legos of his favorite hero’s or game characters are great

My 11 year old is getting multiple board games, a used video camera, Xbox one and accessories, a ventriloquist doll (his only request other than the xbox), art supplies, a soccer ball for spring soccer, etc

There is a whole aisle rn full of game toys now. FORTNITE minecraft uh Bendy. All of em

PS4.legos and some Roblox gift cards.

Minecraft is a good game. They use their imagination. Its a video game

Bike ,skate board ,rollar skates ,basketball, air hockey ,small tent ,sleeping bag. Tickets to jumping center ,legaos,

Hover board with the gocart attachment, 2 in 1 outside activity.

We got our 10 year old, a drone and a go pro for 2 of his gifts

Some huge yard games to do as a family.

Merch. If he’s a gamer get him a badass hoodie for his favorite game

Or new headset/mic for his gaming if he’s allowed to have one.