Christmas ideas for mom and dad?

What are some ideas I can give my dad to get my mom for Christmas? They’ve been together 38 years.


Day trip & lunch &/or dinner someplace nice (w social distancing), or a more elaborate trip. A spa day at a local spot, or DIY with bath salts, a candle or two, a facial masque, foot scrub, maybe a nice new robe, nail polish. Fill the tub and put in bath salts, light the candles, pour the wine. Offer to scrub her feet and paint her toenails.

Jewelry is always good. Flowers and fancy chocolates. A coupon book with coupons to fix dinner, vacuum, dust, clean all or part of the house, do the laundry (to her specifications), do a chore of her choosing, back or foot massage, etc.

A gift card for her hairdresser, a new car if you’re wealthy enough, name a star after her (look up star registry), pay for a fun class for something she’s always wanted to do (learn French, tap dance, cooking class, archeology). Take a ballroom dance class together when it’s safe to do so.

My daughter made each of her grandparents a blanket.

Good luck , by this time she probably has everything she needs or wants,

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My parents just wanted us all together.


Always listen to “Oohhhh I really like that.”
“That is beautiful”
“I would love a new one of these”
“that would look great on/in _____”
She probably gives, unknowingly, subtle hints.
Just listen to the hints and you can make her Christmas awesome!

What you think would be treasured family pictures in a nicely bound photo album-maybe they’ve mentioned special moments to them (from marriage date-present)

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That’s so hard to answer without knowing her and what she likes.

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Did she say ideas for her Dad to get her Mom?

What about some money so she can buy what she wants. I did for my mom. Everyone gave her gifts but i gave my mom money to do with or buy what she wanted. She was very happy.

A small weekend getaway in a hotel or cabin on a lake if they like the outdoors. They can hike fish or just enjoy the different scenery


gift certificate for their favorite restaurant


A spa day. Include either a facial treatment or a back massage.


Dinner for Both ,or a gift card to any special Restaurant

Have a picture of the both of them put on a cushion. My sister had one made for Mom and dad and they loved it.

My husband and I have been married that long and we LOVE gift cards. Home Depot for him and Amazon for me. How about maid service to deep clean the house? Or… maid service once a week to do light cleaning. Wrap gift cards in a box so they will have something to open. Dinner out is always good. They will like things you may not like but by now they have EVERYTHING so the best gifts are those that make their lives more comfortable. :blush:


Give her cash- mad money she can use at anytime she wants on anything she likes or even donate to her favorite charity!

Your time. Just spend as much time as you can with them. Best gift ever.


Gift card to restaurant(s), couples spa day, a trip, etc. IMO it’s so hard to shop for adults without giving them clutter & useless items they either have a million of or don’t need.


A nice piece of jewelry or expensive robe with matching slippers soft pretty good quality and some candy