Could I be having a miscarriage or could it be something else?

I have been bleeding and clotting since Wednesday night, I am almost six weeks pregnant. I was sent to the hospital last night because I had blood work done, and my HCG levels were still very high. They did an ultrasound and pelvic exam and found that I was, in fact, pregnant, but they couldn’t find a heartbeat or a yolk sac. They told me it could just be too early to hear a heartbeat. Monday, I have to get more blood work and another ultrasound. Other than a miscarriage, what could this possibly be, they keep telling me they can’t know for sure, but I feel like I already know the answer.


It could be what has happened to me I was spotting took a test said I was pregnant and went to the hospital they did blood work and a ultrasound same thing as you my levels were high but my ultrasound was like yours so we waited I kept bleeding then they did test and my level went up but again no baby no yoc sac. Well I can’t remember what it’s called but the lady told me it’s like your body tricked itself into being pregnant or something but there was never a baby that developed or anything hopefully this isn’t your case tho. Good luck!

It’s really hard to say. With my first I bled every day, heavy too, for my entire first trimester. She’s a healthy and happy two year old now. None of the doctors had any answers as to why it happened, but it was a lot of appointments early on to keep track of things. They told me as long as the bleeding isn’t accompanied by cramping or pain, that I should try not to worry.

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Might be a subchorionic hemorrhage? I had one at 12 weeks with my son. It was terrifying but he’s a healthy happy toddler now.


I bleed everyday for 30 weeks started at 4 weeks ended at 34 weeks when I hemorrhaged. I had placenta previa

Vanishing twin syndrome
Subchoronic hematoma
And a lot of women bleed the first 12 weeks also


I had placenta previa! Bleed all the darn time …could be that

This happened to me 1995 and I stayed pregnant. But in my 6 month they said after I deliver they have to go in and make sure the baby that didnt make it is out. It was my first time of hearing I had two babies. I chose not to tell anyone.


Could be a subchoronic hematoma. I had bleeding and cramping around 6 weeks. Dr said it was the start of a miscarriage…mainly bc I was 44… Well drs arent always all knowing. It completely resolved and heres my healthy baby boy that was born in April.


It might be a blighted ovum.

I’m so sorry I hope you figure it out. You did the right thing of going to the hospital. Sending you lots of prayers hope you figure whats happening.

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This exact same thing happened to me in February. I was almost 8 weeks when I started bleeding. Ultrasound found no yolk sac or heartbeat. I had an early term miscarriage (blighted ovum). My hcg levels continued to rise even though I had no fetus. A blighted ovum is an empty dac where it implants but a fetus doesn’t form. My levels rose for a month and a half before I was prescribed pills to help my body miscarry. I tried to do it naturally but my body wasnt recognizing it. Honestly, from the time I found out I was pregnant I felt something was wrong and knew that’s how it would end. I still cried and cried and held hope until the second ultrasound where they confirmed it was a miscarriage. I truly hope this isn’t the case for you. But if it is, keep your head up and know that it happens to 1 in 4 women. Theres always someone to reach out to. And there isnt a SINGLE thing you could have done differently to change it


Did they do a repeat hcg? They need to do a second test 48 hours later to see if the numbers are increasing appropriately. That should tell you if it’s a miscarriage or not.

I’m sorry clotting is not a good sign. If you HCG level is above 2500 there should be a visible sac and heartbeat

I have a bicorunate uterus (heart shaped) I had a period every month my entire pregnancy. Basically my pregnancy was on the right side of my uterus and my left side never got the memo that I was pregnant so it still produced a period every month. Super rare, but it could be too.

I got preggo back to back had 2 miscarriages then preggo again same bleeding heaving etc was trying to cancel dr I was early no heartbeat etc went back 2 weeks later still bleeding & boom my rainbow baby just turned 3 mths

Have them check for Factor V Leiden…I had same symptoms and ended up miscarrying due to this. Find out now so you don’t have to go through it again. Easy fix if you do have it…a shot a day while you are pregnant.

Sounds very similar to what happened when I had an ectopic pregnancy, HCG levels were high but no sign of a pregnancy on the scan, I had to go back every other day for blood tests, my levels continued to rise but when they scanned again they saw the pregnancy was “stuck” in my Fallopian tube, I had to have a surgery to remove the tube. Hopefully this isn’t the case for you and all goes well though, Good luck xx

I am praying for you, a miscarriage is a terrible thing. I hope it is not, but my feeling is, if you feel it in your heart you know your answer. :pray::heart:

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Idk what it could be, but praying it’s not a miscarriage

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