Could I be having an ectopic pregnancy?

Over the weekend, I found out I’m pregnant. The problem is my HCG level is 100.2, which would be around three weeks, but when they did an ultrasound, they didn’t see anything and are now thinking it’s an ectopic pregnancy. Has anyone had this happen to them, and it not be ectopic?


I had this happen, I miscarried at around 4-4.5 weeks.

You cant see baby at 3 weeks. You cant see baby until 5 weeks


The pain will be unbearable. It literally hurts so bad. I’ve never had one, my friend has had 2 and that’s how she knew


Give it a couple more weeks. Usually 5-6 week mark will show a sac/fetal pole. If you start bleeding and feel sharp pains in your shoulder with some cramping, then I would go to the er. I made the mistake of waiting too long bc I thought I was having a miscarriage…I ended up with an ectopic and they had to do emergency surgery and remove my left tube.

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You won’t see a sac till about 4-5weeks. I cramped a lot from 3-8weeks. 27weeks now.

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I was admitted into the hospital, because they thought I was having an ectopic pregnancy. Also because I had blood in my stomach & my HCG levels were super low. I was only 4 weeks at that time. They thought I was having one because they couldn’t find my baby. My OB finally came & told me I could get a DNC or wait it out until I was further along so they could find my baby. I had an appointment at 6 weeks & everything looked good. I waited it out even though I was in a lot of pain, but its worth it in the end! Hope all works out for you.:heart:

yes doctors said same to me but they were wrong I got scheduled for surgery and all and now my son is 4 yrs old GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY​:raised_hands::raised_hands:


My last pregnancy was ectopic. I had an ultrasound between 7 and 8 weeks and they could see it was not in my uterus. I had no pain, no bleeding, all my levels were consistent with how far along I was, nothing to indicate something was wrong. I was sent to a specialist that confirmed the pregnancy was in my tube. I heard the heart beat just moments before I was told the pregnancy had to be removed. 3 weeks is too early to see anything. If you can, figure out when your last period was and go from there. If they are truly concerned of a miscarriage, your doctor should continue to check your hcg levels every few days.

3 weeks is too early wait about 8 more weeks, try not to worry


Ask for a follow up hcg test if the levels increase u should be good

This is 8 weeks and you can BARELY see anything at all . I got one at 6 weeks too and it was smaller than that . Too little to see

I went through this with my oldest. My HCG levels picked up around 2 weeks along. They thought the same thing, but a few weeks later saw the gestational sac. She’s now a happy, healthy child turning two next month

Yep and I was good. Went in at 4 weeks and saw the sack and then by week 5 saw the baby.

I had 2 eptopic pregnancies both died 4 month old and I knew because it is painful u can just tell

My ultrasound tech said it’s rare to see the baby at 3 weeks on an ultrasound. You won’t see it until bare minimum 6 weeks

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I went in for what I thought was my 8 week appointment (irregular period) and the nurse couldn’t find my baby. I was scared to death that I had lost my child. The nurse made an ultrasound appointment for the next day and blood tests as well. My blood test put me at about 7 weeks but they couldn’t see a pole in the sac yet so they dated me at around 5 weeks. I was still rather scared but then my symptoms really started kicking in. They ended up also finding a grapefruit sized tumor on my left ovary and at 11 and a half weeks pregnant, I had a salpingo oopherectomy to remove my left ovary and fallopian tube. But before that I had an appointment at 9 weeks and they were able to see my baby. The weekend before my surgery I had to go to the er where it was taking place and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I now have a happy 19lb 3oz 6 month old boy who is my entire world! Don’t give up mama! There’s still hope!


I got an ultrasound at 8 weeks and all they could see was a sac with a tiny dot in it. My dot is now 3 years old.

Its very early for anything to be visible on an ultrasound

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Yes when I was miscarrying