Could I be pregnant on Mirena?

I have Mirena birth control for about two years. I always have my period on time. Well, this month I I’ve only had spotting. Could I be pregnant? Have any of you gotten pregnant using Mirena?


YUP. I had my Mirena for FOUR years and ended up pregnant with it perfectly in place and I knew because I didn’t get my period.

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No birth control is 100% get a test done

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It’s supposed to slow or stop your periods, so I have it, too, for that reason. But it hasn’t helped me at all. So it could just be that.

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My periods have become very light. This is my second mirena. I had the first for 4 years and I spotted each month until about the last 6 months where I was bleeding lightly for 6 months, as in it never went away. I got another one and have spotted each month ever since. Had it almost 2 years now.

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And and all birth control is not 100% effective. Only true birth control is not having sex.

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Mirena causes lighter or no periods. I had one for 6 years and stopped getting a period but never pregnant. If you’re unsure take a test.

I had it for 5 years without a pregnancy but all the pregnancy symptoms and then some. But yes you can get pregnant. I took quite a few tests on it but thankfully i was never pregnant. I never had a period on it at all.

I got pregnant on the paragard. It’s possible

Got get pregnant with IUD two time I have a 6 months old now. My periods wore regular and one moth it was just spotting and cramping but not full period and yes I was one month pregnant

I’m on my second mirena. First one I had for 5 years and stopped having periods all together after 6 months

You can but periods also stop after a while with the mirena

I know loads of people who’ve got pregnant on Mirena. I suspect the rhythm method is more effective sometimes!

I got pregnant on it! I would definitely get a test

It could just be a side effect. I’ve had mine for a year and I spot every now and then and when I ovulate k get pregnancy symptoms with it. BUT, My best friend got pregnant on it. She didn’t know because 1) it sometimes stops periods 2) sometimes causes weight gain and she found out at 30 weeks she was pregnant.


My Mirena baby is 7 months old. It totally happens

It can happen, my MIL had my youngest sister in law 5 years ago, she had the mirena but it had moved out of place

I had no periods at all whilst I had the mirena. It was the best thing ever having suffered prolonged heavy bleeding during periods which were very frequent too.


:raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman: I did and then it was lost. Not trying to freak you out but if you think there is a chance you really need to go to the dr. It can do a lot of harm to you and the baby (if you are pregnant)

I am on my second Mirena and I havent had a period for over 5 years now. The way you are describing what’s happening sounds like what I went through when my periods stopped.