Could I possibly be having a girl?

I am pregnant with my third child. My first two were boys, and I never had any sickness. I am still in my first trimester, and I have just felt crappy and gaggy. I have ‘t thrown up, but I just don’t feel like eating all day. Then at dinner, I’m starving and can’t shove enough in my mouth. Has anyone else had that? What gender was the baby? I heard it’s common for girls.


It’s also common for twins!

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Not sure. I had one boy and one girl. Never had any morning sickness, or any sickness for that matter with either of them.

I don’t know. With my daughter I had morning sickness and craved junk food. With my son , no morning sickness. I craved fruits with him.

Morning sickness and tired with both boys. Ate everything with my daughter. Hope it helps.

Not sure it was more sweets for girl. Mexican food w boy. But my bff could tell the sex by looking at me

It isn’t gender specific, it’s just how your body reacts :roll_eyes:


I would throw up randomly with my daughter. i never ‘felt’ sick or like i was going to be sick… and was constantly hungry. i would munch on stuff all day every day. i couldn’t sit down and eat a whole meal because it would make me throw up. and towards the end… i was too tired to do anything. i mean you got a 50/50 chance its a girl… but you got a 50/50 chance its a boy lol. i never found out while i was pregnant what i was having. so i would google. everything said i was having a boy… but turns out… that was wrong lol

I never had any sickness and I have 2 girls but with my youngest I was nausea alot. Doc can give meds if needed I used zofran off and on with my 2nd

I was sick like that with my girls. My son, I was totally fine. But, every person and every pregnancy is different.

I wasn’t that hungry with my daughter but I also wasn’t very nauseous. I threw up once my whole pregnancy

I had the same pregnancy for a boy and then a girl. No one can tell u everyone is diff. U want to know wait until your sono

Boy or girl , I just hope you’re feeling better soon! Best wishes !:two_hearts:

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I was only “sick” with my girls. Never felt sick with my boys.

4 pregnancies all boys, all completely different, the nausea got worse with each pregnancy

4 boys here :raising_hand_woman: all pregnancies were different. 2 of them I had bad nausea and the other 2 I didn’t.

Has zero to do with gender.

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I was extremely sick with all of my kids, the boys and the girl.

Both my boys I had no morning sickness with, always felt nauseous though constantly!

My 1st & 3rd pregnancy were identical but 2 different genders.