Could I start breastfeeding again?

So my son is 7.5 months old. We always struggled with getting him to take the boob, so I ended up pumping for five months, then I went back to work and dried up and stopped pumping. However, I am able to stay home with him again, and I miss breastfeeding /pumping for him. I can still express a couple of drops from each breast, would it be crazy to try to start up again? If I do I try to get him to latch again or strictly pump? Am I weird for wanting to try again? Is he too old?


It’s not impossible, not easy to do! Breastfeeding isn’t weird and it’s your choice when you want to start/stop :blush: I know people breastfeed until at LEAST a year.


If you are still lactating, you can do it, but it will be hard. You will have to rebuild your supply, and wont have much at first.

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You are not weird!! Go far it, I know a Mom who wasn’t successful at nursing until the baby was older. Good luck Mama!!

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Try and see what happens :woman_shrugging:t4: it’ll probably take a lot to build your supply back up but not impossible if he’ll even take the boob if not power pump and try that way and no not weird at all gl :white_heart:

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Just try! I would try latching first and see what he does. I breastfed for 2.5 years with the first and 18 months with the second. Never hurts to try!

Go for it… There is many resources out there that can help you produce more. Pinterest has recipes for lactation. They work amazing

Not at all!! Try latching start pumping the more you pump the more your supply will go up. Maybe he will want to latch this time. Try meeting with a breastfeeding consultant to help you with your journey. Best of luck Mommy!!


I’d definitely look into lactation cookies and things like that to help give your supply a boost!

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Reach out to a local IBCLC and they will help you start producing enough again!!!

There are natural supplements you can take to help induce lactation and increase milk supply

Fenugreek is amazing in jump starting the milk flow also the baby’s suckling is great stimulation for milk production dont give up I breastfed my baby til he was 22 months it was a great bonding experience and hes always been pretty healthy especially for being born a tiny thing 4lbs 6oz best wishes!


Power pump, you should see an increase in milk

I started and stopped with one of mine, It’s worth a try.

See a lactation consultant. There are methods or medications you can take to help restore or create your supply.

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I breastfeed my son but did a bottle 2 times a day just incase I wasn’t around. My daughter would go hrs not eating bc she never did the bottle only lasted a week or 2 when I went back to work. So with my 2nd my son I knew he needed to know the bottle he’s 7 months now n last week I went to the hospital for what I thought was a kidney stone. I was there for 5 days had surgery to take out a huge mass ect ect… they ran out of my breastmilk and had to give him formula it was ruff being away from my 3 yr old girl and baby boy but when I came back I was afraid to breastfed bc of the iv medicine ect so I wouldn’t let him latch I would pump n dump for a week being paranoid by the time I started to give him my milk again he wouldn’t take the breast. Can’t blame him his been through alot only knowing me then I disappear and then come back not 100 percent. My heart broke knowing my kids suffer anyway long story short my milk was like almost all gone it took 3 days pumping every 2 hrs to get it back i pump for him its the least I can do for him during all this craziness not as easy as when they latch for sure. Its doable though he does latch in the middle of the night when he wakes to feed. But during the day all bottle he rather it. Hes getting to be a big boy so its a win win just hurts me how he was force to wean. I feel like a failure on the happier side my mass turn out to be my ovary twisting n hemrage inside no tumor no cancer. And a plus you can still produce milk with one ovary. Sorry for the rant this all just happen a couple of weeks ago


Start by pumping everything 2hrs to rebuild your supply…

I went through a similar thing and didn’t, then always regretted it.
It’s your child and your choice, go for it.

Drink mothers milk tea, drink lots of water and power pump!!

Momma do what you think is best!!