Could lap band surgery be the reason I cannot get pregnant?

My fiancé and I have been together for a while, and we have wanted to try to have a baby. He thinks because he has had lap band surgery that it causes him to not be able to have kids. Is this true? Does anyone else have any experience? Thanks in advance.


I found this on the subject.

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I would think it would help, losing weight always helps with things…

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it may boost levels of testosterone in men, but has no positive effect on sperm quality. Sperm count doesn’t increase but it doesn’t decrease either. The surgery shouldn’t affect his ability to get you pregnant. But if you’ve been trying and still no luck and feel strongly this could be the reason, I would definitely talk to his dr that performed his surgery. I have found most family drs just dont have enough educational information on surgical weight loss effects. I’m almost 18 years out from my gastric bypass and have found I’ve had to educate my own family dr. But yours could be very educated in this department. I just recommend talking to the dr that actually performed the surgery. I already had children and a hysterectomy before having mine so I’m not much help there but I’ve done alot of research and worked with my dr speaking at conventions with information about the surgery and its effects. I wish you all the best and hope you get good news.

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After going through IVF.
There’s literally sooooooooooo many things that could be going on.


:woman_facepalming:t2: your fiancé’s lap band surgery would not cause him to be infertile. If there’s a reason he thinks he can’t make babies, then he should see a fertility doctor. If he’s just assuming because you haven’t got pregnant yet, then give it time.

Honestly it could be either of you on why your not getting pregnant. Go see a specialist

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  1. Relax and breathe
  2. Don’t try so hard to get pregnant, just stop all birth control and forget about. Just go about your life. Less stress about getting pregnant is a big help.
  3. Ok, bear with me, it sounds insane but here goes, stop using any plastic that gets hot. Example, plastic utensils in hot pots and pans, plastic used in the microwave to heat stuff.
  4. Lots of vitamin c
  5. Best of luck to you both.

dont have sex every day give time up sperm count

Doctors recommend giving it at least a year of trying. If you don’t get pregnant within that time, then start seeing a fertility doctor.

No. It took me 12 years to have my first kid then another 7 years to have my second kid. Some people just have a really hard time getting pregnant an if ur obese it’s even harder

No, lap band weight loss surgery will not stop him from being able to produce children. There are a plethora of other reasons and answers can be had, if you go see a dr.

Not true. I have plenty of friends that actually ended up pregnant faster afterwards because being obese can cause infertility.

So real simply, NO. Now go see a reproductive endocrinologist and have testing to see what you’re actually up against, if anything…


Not likely from the lap band. But, there definitely could be other things going on in terms of hormones.


Best thing, get some counseling as a couple and commit to each other with marriage. That child you want, has a life time need of two.


Not unless it was placed in the wrong place… the healthy you are the better Chances you having a baby you sure he didn’t have a vasectomy and just doesn’t want to tell you? I know a man did that.


Lap band has been discontinued for many many years in bariatric surgeries due to the band slipping and breaking and causing medical issues… Definitely a question for a medical professional

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I’ve known females who had lap band surgery and have had children, so probably not the reason…

I had gastric bypass a year after having my first kid before that I was told I could never have kids got pregnant had him had bypass got BC about 2 years after bypass decided to try for another kids and with in 3 weeks of getting BC removed I was pregnant