Could my 5 day old baby have jaundice?

My baby is currently five days old. Before we left the hospital after he was born, they checked for jaundice, and he passed the test. We had an appointment on Saturday for him, and he was also negative for jaundice. Today, my boyfriend’s stepmom said the whites of his eyes look a little yellow. I was just wondering if other moms had experiences with jaundice after five days and any advice? He’s my first baby, and I just want to know if I should take him to the doctors.


Yes, my son tested for high levels several days after his birth.

Yes go to check again just to be sure an ask about vitamin D.

I was recommended vitamin D drops for the slight jaundice mine had, also lots of sunlight.

Very common. Just make sure it gets better quick

Put him in some sunlight or under a light of course not too close but just so he can get some Vitamin D.

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My son tested high a week after birth.

Just spend 5 to 15 minutes in the sun with him, preferably morning or afternoon. Remember to keep his hands and feet warm but have as much of his skin exposed.

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My son had a little when he was born but they released him from the hospital and at the next check he had a little but it wasn’t enough for them to do anything. It went away on its own. I’m sure it’s possible. I would give his doctor a call about it.

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Sun baths are great treatment for jaundice. I joke around saying that I slow roasted my son like a chicken, but 3 days later his jaundice went away. Just do small period of time once a day on a window that has sunshine, and baby should only be wearing diaper.My son didn’t need the blue light and doctors highly recommend sunlight.

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My son for four month old and got jaundice lots of sunlight

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Yes my daughter was 9 days old I’m a mummy of five

I had to go back to the hospital every day for two weeks because my sons bilirubin levels peaked at either 15 or 17. It took a few days for his levels to climb when we were discharged he was around a 5. Pooping will help 100% to help level his levels. Its not uncommon for babies to be a little jaundice.

Sneak in the poly vi sol drops you were given. Avoid direct sunlight only indirect because his eyes.

Yes. Take him to the doctor

Yes my son was 6 days old when pediatrician sent me to the hospital to admit my son. His levels were high. He was normal when we left the hospital

paarawan mo lang po si lo mo kasi 1month naman po nawawala ang pagkayellow ng baby

Probably. Stick him in front of a window while he naps. And as often as possible. It will take a few days it will pass.


Sunlight for a few minutes a day fixes that real fast.

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Yes, just a few days after my daughter was born I had to take her to the hospital. She tested high levels. Her skin tone was very tan/ yellowish. Definitely take him in to get checked out.

My youngest daughter was born with jaundice , I was told to put her bed by a window and let the sun shine on her. It worked. She was born in 1988.lack of vitamin D can cause jaundice

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