Could my baby have gotten sick from not having antibiotics for strep b?

Tested positive for strep b with my 3rd pregnancy and did iv antibiotics baby was healthy, and everything went good for both of us… Tested negative with my 4th baby and was told by nurse id still do iv more and likely being I’ve had before but did NOT get antibiotics through iv and baby was in the hospital two week later due to sepsis would this be from the step b and no antibiotics? Have any mommas been through this?


Anything can cause sepsis, its just an infection that reaches the blood.

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It could have been any infection the only way they would be able to tell you is to test for it.

Could be any infection like pp have said. I was given the antibiotics through the IV without ever being tested as a precaution before delivery.

They should have done blood cultures and be able to tell you the cause.

It’s actually possible yes the two main problems due to strep are sepsis and meningitis (not trying to scare but I had strep both times with mine) I’m in Britain and the nhs website states on there about this. Hope your baba is ok and getting better !

It could be from anything. If you had antibiotics during birth, it shouldnt be the cause. I had it and didnt have time to get any antibiotics. My son tests came back for high white blood cells indicating an infection 3 days later and the doctors couldnt even make the connection. They treated him for 48 hrs and retested him. His levels went down and he was off. Infections can be feom anything, even something that was on the surface of a hospital blanket. There is no telling, but sepsis is a direct result of an infection.

If you tested negative for it during pregnancy then it shouldn’t have been from that.

Probably not due to that unless the doctors think you got a false negative. More likely the baby got an infection or illness of some sort that went unnoticed, which is why it evolved into sepsis.

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Yes, very possible. I lost my daughter due to meningitis developed by untreated GBS. She had early onset due to not receiving abx in time and then later developed late on set that took her life very quickly.
Please visit Group B Strep International, they have amazing information provided to help with your questions. If you ever need more of a personal talk, I’m always available to anyone via FB messenger. Sadly, this is such an unnoticed deadly disease. If more mothers were educated properly, less babies would suffer.

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If it was from strep B, it would have shown as having been strep B. Sepsis is not the same thing. Plus, if you tested negative, then there wasn’t anything to pass to baby.