Could my childs father take custody from me?

The father of my child has not been in my child’s life since he was born 5 years ago, due to me not letting him. He’s now grown up alot and im letting him meet him, could he take custody from me? Also He’s not on the birth certificate and we live in Florida


If he hasn’t been involved in 5 years,not on the birth cert. He has to prove he is the father first. Then you take things from there. Dont get ahead of the here and now.


They would mostly make him take a blood test to prove he is the father that way he can get visitation, after that if he didn’t miss any visitations etc then I would say it’s possible. But my guess if if he does anything it would just be wanting visitation since the child is 5 and hasn’t seem to take interest. Just my opinion

no he cannot immediately get custody of your child but he can fight for visitation and if he can prove you to be unfit then yes he can take custody from you but Judges usually like children to stay where they have spent the majority of their life

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He can get visitation. And if he can prove that you are a unfit mother he could get custody. But that’s a lot for someone to prove. They will make y’all do a dna test first then he will be put on the birth certificate if he is the father.

He would have to establish paternity first. Take DNA test . And proceed from there. Not sure how the laws are in your state

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Nice to see u banned him for 5 years because he wasnt mature enough, but he was grown up enough to sleep with. He should take his child from you and RUNNNNN


No matter what they will not take the child from you, unless you are unfit, supervised visitation at first, then they will go on from there

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The fact that you withheld visitation, aka parental alienation, he has a very good chance of getting some sort of custody and working his way up to joint or even full. And I hope he does.


So sad , he hadn’t the chance to see him before now


the child has spent all this time with mom because she blatantly kept the father from being with his child as she stated. She NEVER said that he was inept or dangerous so he could build a case to take 50/50 not just visitations specially if he lives in the same town and has the stability to raise his child.
I cannot stand seeing women keep children from their dad’s just because they feel they can. It’s disgusting


I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR FIRST SENTENCE… So you think it’s okay and fair to your child for them growing up not being able to spend time with their father!? You not allowing him to be a part of the child life because of your own reserved feelings isn’t right at all. I hope they take your child away from you!!! You are a TOXIC mother.


If you are unfit he could but you’ve been the only parent for 5 years so its doubtful. If he pushed anything he would get visitation and could work towards 50/50 custody. Idk why you kept him from him so I can’t judge you on that. I understand people change once kids are involved. I hope it was a legit reason though.


Yall judge but don’t even know what ur judging dumb


When my ex kept my son from me for 7 months I gained full custody. :thinking:


Going through this now. My sons dad was in jail when I gave birth in November so he’s not on the birth certificate at all. I am going to court to get full custody and my son is 6months old. But his dad has been threatening to take him even though i have a stable home and he is a couch surfer and can barely ever hold down any stable place.

Geeze people. There could be more to the story…why so quick to judge ?


I hope you had a good reason for the 5 years of paternal alienation


I hope he does take the child. Your the immature one who wouldnt let him be a dad! Your a selfish bitch that’s all there is to it! You have growing up to do

Idk about the laws in Florida,but with him not even attempting court before now he’s most likely just going to get visitation or 50/50. He’s most likely not going to get full custody of him. An as for everyone saying she was in the wrong for keeping him from him,there must have been a damn good reason. Just because some men grow up when finding out about having a kid doesn’t mean they all do. An the fact he didn’t take her to court for 5 years for some sort of visitation means he wasn’t even interested in seeing the child.:woman_shrugging:t5::100: