Could my HCG levels be too low to read positive?

I didn’t test positive with a pee test till I was 4 months along

It took about a week after my missed period for a positive test for me and it was a really light line… I’m 37

I didn’t get a positive test until about 3 weeks late.

So your period is not exactly a good marker. It depends on when ovulation occurs. Implantation occurs 6-12 days after ovulation. Before then your hcg doesn’t rise. Also depends on the test how much it has to rise before it will show positive.

Take tests at different times. Mine were actually positive at night, really faint in the mornings. Or First Response are the most sensitive I’ve used… Also could do blood test.

For me it actually took 10 days to give me a positive result, kept saying negative, even on the 5th day, But everyone is different …

Get a beta test from your doctor.

That’s just happen to me but my period came on the 7th day

Depending on the test the level can be 10-25. With bloodwork anything over 5 is considered positive.

You could have just fell pregnant and this is why your late and getting a negative test. I would give it another week and test again

I was only three days late with my daughter (who is due next month) and got a positive response on a dollar tree test at that.

The test always say best results a week after missed period. For me that’s true. Took over a week with all 3 of mine.

Could be… I like the first response test… I will say I got a lot of negative tests before I finally got my positive… it’ll happen.

Odd suggestion- Expensive tests for me always took longer to read positive. The cheap dollar ones always read positive earlier. Good luck!


I never read positive and had to have the hcg determined by blood tests for all of my pregnancies when ttc. Fingers crossed for you!


I had this happen about 6 months ago. I was about 10 days late but it eventually came. I’m 32. Doctor said as we get older, irregular periods become more common. It sucks. Hoping you get that baby soon because I’ve been trying for months with no luck as well.

Take a clear blue digital test. I used one a week before I was late for my period and it came back positive. The one at the doctor’s office was extremely faint because it was so early but still positive

I never did get a positive reading on any of my tests with my first pregnancy and my son will be 17 in less than a month…keep your chin up it might take a blood test to confirm

Hgc levels should be high enough after a missed period to get a positive…hope you get success soon!!


I was 10 weeks pregnant with my oldest and urine tests were still coming up negative. I had to get a blood test to finally confirm pregnancy.

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