Could my HCG levels be too low to read positive?

My levels were so low that I was told I was having a miscarriage. I had 2 ultrasounds that showed an empty sac. No cardiac activity, no fetal pole. But my levels kept rising. That baby is my youngest and she’ll be 12 this summer. Best of luck to you!!!


Go to ur Dr. They do a pee test right there. Takes 5-10 minutes

I don’t think so. I’ve always gotten a positive even before my period was due. Even when I had super low HCG when it was ectopic

If you’re truly late the test should definitely be showing by now. I don’t want to give bad vibes or anything bad news, but this happened to me and I was having a very early miscarriage. Most women don’t even realize they’re pregnant or don’t realize they’ve missed her period. Best wishes to you :heart:

When I got pregnant I was a week from my normal cycle, and just felt wrong. Took tests for 2 and a half weeks, while dealing with morning sickness and got all negative. I had minor implantation bleeding, and that day got my positive. So sometimes its definitely off. I would keep trying every few days. Dont take tests daily or you are going to stress yourself out.

My hcg always ran lower than “normal” threw off my due dates and everything. First response is the best.

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I wait a week or two

I actually did not test positive until 7 days after my missed period but what it actually was was I ovulated later than normal due to stress and wasn’t actually late yet when I tested positive…now I have a healthy 4 month old boy :blush:

Or simple go to your doctor and get the blood test…blood doesn’t lie!

I didn’t show up positive for a test until 7-8 weeks pregnant.

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Test again next week. Late is common as we get older too


I would test again in about 4 to 5 days. But again you might get your period sorry to say.

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I tested positive before my period was due.

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I never get a positive until 10-14 days late my levels are always low-normal

Yes give it another couple weeks or so.

Yes. I tested negative for approximately 6 months.

My test don’t ever read positive til I’m like 3 months along and not for the lack of test taking

I tested negative for 3 months with my first… Was pregnant the whole time

Hcg levels are human hormones they rise when you’re pregnant because of the baby growing

Stress can make your cycle go wonky so try to relax

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