Could my HCG levels be too low to read positive?

Get clear blue digital

Could of ovulated later in your cycle

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Just wait a bit its too soon love

I’d wait another week and see.

When I was VERY pregnant, like 6 or 7mths I took a test as a joke. It came up negative. Took 2 more. Negative :flushed: could it be a false negative?

Give it a week or two.

My first child always said negative and at 2 1/2 months it started reading unknown. I got in with a doctor and found out I was 3 months. I missed my first trimester and not knowing was so sad. So if you think you are get in with a doctor right away. (No matter the test results) Dont miss out.

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I am 37 and I tested the day I was supposed to start my period and it came up positive. I also just had a baby last year. I always had irregular periods until I hit 34 I always thought I was infertile, now I am pregnant and have a year and a half year old. Don’t give up hope.

If you ovulated on day 14 of your cycle you should get a positive by now if you are pregnant. Not always but usually. A dollar store hpt was clearly positive for me when my blood hcg taken that same day was only 27. They are really sensitive

My tests came out negative for two months before getting a positive and finding out I was 3 months pregnant at my 6 week ultrasound.

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Wait a week or two and try again

Is this your first child? Personally I’ve never had a positive pregnancy test until I was pretty far along, 12 weeks or so. I always had to go to a dr for blood work. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars and never had a test work for myself.

When I was pregnant with my oldest son. All the Over the counter pregnancy test all showed Negative. But I had a strong I was pregnant. I made a appointment with my doctor. The did a urine test and it came back Negative as well. So they did a blood test like I suggested and it came back Positive. A sonogram confirmed was a bout 8 weeks pregnant. So Yes, at home pregnancy test can show a false Negative. I’d either wait a couple more days/weeks or make a appointment with your ob/gyn

My pregnancy tests were all negative until i was about 3_4 months along …found out later i have a hormonal imbalance …

My test came out negative for two months,then when I came to visit my doctor I was 3months pregnant in my 2nd baby.