Could my kids be taken away in this situation?

If your child’s father has a child with someone else and they are going through a custody battle and (the father has custody of the child) and the mother is saying she’s going to file for emotional neglect and you have been there for (stepson), and the father really hasn’t been very involved with the child school, dr, etc… and you have 2 Biologically children of your own and they prove the father for neglect will your 2 biologically children be taken away if you live in the same house?


I dont see that happening unless hes a danger to said children

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I dont that would happen

unfortunately even the most neglectful parents don’t get their kids taken away but it sounds like there’s something to prove and I wouldn’t be worried about that but how he can fix those behaviors.


If they are founded of abuse depending on your state yes and if they have charges. Sounds like a great guy.

Emotional neglect? I’m thinking it’s going to be hard to prove that in a reasonable family. Decent home kids go to school everyone clean and fed stable living situation. No they have bigger fish to fry with real abuse

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Possibly. A judge could easily think if he is neglecting one he is neglecting them all. Not likely though. On a different note, why the hell would you even want to be with a man that is neglecting his own child?


Okay so if he is found guilty you would have to leave him. I know a girl that had her kids taken because she stayed with the man who was found unfit

There is a lot of info here that we are missing before one can give any input.

No. Not unless you leave the children in his care.

Different mams different relationships try not to worry they cant do anything to your kids xxx

It’s not really clear- but I think I get what your asking- kinda depends on your state in a sense but not really. Every case is different- DCFS will do whatever they want, at least in Illinois that is what they do, but they have to have evidence and even then, most the time they don’t remove kids, soo I think you’d be ok

Emotional neglect and neglecting a child’s basic needs/ abuse are two different things. For emotional neglect no.

It depends on ur state. If he is founded for abuse and you stay then you might (not saying it will happen) be founded for environmental neglect.

All it takes is that one PHONECALL to cps even if it’s lies yes , all children are at risk


Why would you want to stay with someone who doesn’t treat his child properly would be my question. If social get involved they get involved with you all. Living in the house together they will ask why you wasn’t helping do these things because you have taken on the parent roll in the household. So if these things have been neglected then yes can be on you aswell.


Not likely because you are there also, however it could lead to a child services case. I would say if that does happen, you should leave him and move out because they could say you’re guilty as well. It could go either way. I know two females who lost their kids because they refused to leave their boyfriends/kids fathers after they were charged with abuse or neglect. It honestly depends on the judge though and the social worker. It would be hard in most cases to prove emotional neglect though. Emotional abuse would be easier to prove than emotional neglect. If you are being there physically and emotionally for the children (including step son) then chances are the judge will take that into consideration before making a decision though. It really just depends on the judge and how much proof she has.


Not if you are not involved in the case the wording here is confusing though so if its a case between you and the baby farher with your kids then yes but if its just the other babymama and the father then no

It’s gotta be something pretty serious in order for that to happen it has to be proven first off. Theyd have to prove you are also neglectful i dont think either is going to go through.

No they will NOT be taken from YOU but they can always control how involved he is untill he does parenting classes, counseling ect. Whatever they decide he needs to do. If anything he would have to move out of the home with you and your children if they find substantial evidence against him. Which I don’t see happening but obviously I don’t know all the details of your case. Good luck momma you’ll be fine!

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