Could the pain I am having be from birth?

I had an emergency C-section a little over four months ago, everything with the surgery was routine! And my healing process couldn’t have been better! I haven’t hurt at all, other than small pains near my scar, until about a week ago. From the middle of my back at the way down to the top of my butt hurts so bad I can barely pick up the car seat, get out of bed, or sometimes even walk without being in pain. Could this be from my epidural or C-section? Has anyone else experienced pain months after giving birth?


I had random pains like that for roughly a year. The nerves healing is a process.

Never have experience that but you might just want to get it checked out.

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Could be from the epidural.

My epidural caused back pain. I constantly struggle with it. She is now 5 It is a common problem

Could be epidural. I had pains in my back for months after mine. Eventually went away though.

Could be the nerves…maybe you lifted something or moved wrong or it could be from the epidural. I would say if it continues I would make an app just to get it checked out.

The spinal they give you can cause issues for many years.

11 nearly 12 years later and I still suffer back pain from the eilpidural but that’s because they put it in the wrong place first

My youngest is 5. I STILL have back pain from my epidurals. :frowning: some days it is unbearable

I won’t say no but could you possibly have hurt your back lifting something wrong?

You should definitely get checked out. It could be from the epidural but it could also be completely unrelated

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Yes. The epidural does not never go away- the pain gets more tense as u get older.:cry::cry:

It’s from the epidural, I still have the pain in the same area of my back and it’s been 4 years. Hope yours starts to ease with time!

Likely the epidural. I’ve had 3 epidurals and have had this pain for YEARS. :frowning: I’ve come to terms with it being from the epidural. Just as it was getting tolerable I had another and am back to the back pain again and had my baby 8 months ago. It’s never gone away but definitely worse in the first few years of having them.


Could be from the spinal, I developed two bulging discs after having my son from the spinal because they were having such a hard time getting it in correctly,she literally pushed my discs into my nerves

Sounds like epidural pain to me… I’ve had 4 some days I can’t get out of bed

Have it checked better safe than sorry.

I had this after my first and it was the worst. I went to the chiropractor and he told me it was from being pregnant and how much your body changes and expands. But mine was more located near my tailbone.

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Call your Dr or who ever is taking the call this w/end. Or call the nurse line…