Could this be implantation bleeding?

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year, and I went back to the doctor today, and I didn’t have a period in May or June, but the past two days I’ve been lightly spotting and the doctor said it could possibly be implantation bleeding and made me a follow up for a few weeks from now. Has this happened to anyone else? Could I possibly be pregnant? I don’t want to get my hopes up again and be disappointed again.


I didn’t have a period in March and April and had light bleeding in April and found out April 15th I was pregnant I’m now 13 weeks + 1 day

Happened to me both pregnancies.

Implantion bleeding at 2 months?

You could be pregnant but take a day at a time.

Just wait and see. Everyone is different. Don’t get discouraged, but also don’t get your hopes up.


Did you take a pregnancy test?


Yes I did that with my first baby.

I had 2 light periods and I was pregnant the first time 43 yrs ago

Take a test… you would be able to know after 2 missed periods


I had bleeding for all 3 but it was before my first missed period.

My husband and I tried for almost 4 years to get pregnant! Took millions of pregnancy tests that were always negative and heart breaking. My periods would be so irregular… I’d spot. Eventually I gave up trying because I figured it would never happen for me. Right when I started to tell myself it would never happen I took a test and it was positive and now I have my little angel :blush: I pray you get as lucky as I have

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Think positive and wait and see, I’ve had a similar experience almost every other month but doesn’t seem to hold for longer than two weeks. Think happy and don’t give up!

Yes! At 7 weeks I had a rush of blood. I was so scared that I was having another miscarriage. My doctor said it was a hematoma where the placenta implanted. I was on bed rest for the weekend and it resolved itself. I am now 21 weeks with our baby girl! Hang in there

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Did you get bloodwork to confirm? Your doctor should of

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Take a test, I had some implantation bleeding

Yes Ma’am happened to me!!

Why dont you take a pregnancy test? I had implantation bleeding but it was early in pregnancy. Just get an at home test to confirm

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I had spotting then a couple days later my boobs got really sore. Realized it was implantation bleeding then went on to have my daughter 8 months later.

My mom bled for 4 months with little brother. She thought they were normal periods and she missed the 5th one so she went and they told her she was 5 1/2 months