Could this be my period?

I just gave birth four weeks ago. I had bleeding for three weeks. It stopped for one week and bleeding again. Is it my period or bleeding from birth still? I have cramps as if it’s a period, so I’m not sure, and I really can’t remember when I started my period after I had my other kids.


Could be a mix of both Bc your body is still healing and getting back to normal could take up to 6 weeks to get back to somewhat normal

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Could be either or both really the body is sill adjusting after birth i had a little cease for about 2 days where i thought id stopped but sstarted again x

It could be either one! I had random bouts of bleeding up until the 1 month mark, but no cramping. At 6 weeks my period came, and lots of cramps. I would call your OB if you’re concerned! They can always see you before the 6 wk check if you’re worried.

My period always came about a week after I finally stopped bleeding. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Agree with the other 3 comments,definitely could be both,the cramps are probably from healing and everything trying to go back to normal

Mine happened same as urs and lasted 7 days like normal period, stopped for three weeks then again for 7 days, was my period starting so could be urs x

With both of my kids I got my period a week after I stopped bleeding (I think I bled for 6 weeks, got a week break, and then started my period :grimacing::grimacing::upside_down_face:)

Yes it’s normal … That’s your period ! Just had a baby and what you are saying happen to me as well

This happened to me and was my period despite exclusively breastfeeding :unamused: after this they were pretty much on the same cycle as before… I’m sure the bleeding after a baby can ease off then come back heavier and seem like a period or take longer then the few weeks it’s supposed to… I knew mine was a period because the bleeding turned bright red again :weary:

I bled for almost 6 weeks straight from birth and then got my period a week after my pp check up. But every one is different

It could be either. Give it a week and see how it goes. If it stops like a period then it’s a good bet that’s what it was.

Uh id recommend to keep a eye on it if you just gave birth and still bleeding alot something could be wrong my aunt had baby’s and keep bleeding heavy and went into the doctor’s and they said if she didn’t get there when she did it would have been bad if your in that much fear id go to doctors

You are now being healed from that disease in Jesus name Amene

Hey i’m just a teenager, but from what I know, it’s normal to get your period for one month after birth. I have a dad who was a nurse, so he tells me what’s normal and what’s not.


My period didn’t come until about the six week mark I would start and stop consistently. It usually meant that I was doing to much. If I took it easy for a day it’d stop the next day…

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I had my son last year and the same thing happened to me… Doctor said it was my period, so it could be yours

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The exact same thing happened to me! If you’re truly concerned, you can always ask your OB. But from my experience, it was just my cycle starting :slightly_smiling_face:

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With my first I stopped bleeding after a week, 3 weeks later i started my actual period.
I fell pregnant with my 2nd son 2 months after giving birth to my 1st.
With my second My bleeding lasted 3 weeks, 2 weeks after that I got my period.
With my 3rd baby I bled for 9weeks l, stopped for 2 months than I started my period cycle.

I only bled 9 days after the births of my boys (3 of them) and had a period just 4 weeks afterwards. Everyone is different. If you have cramps I suspect it is a period