Couples: How Often Do You Go on Date Nights if You Have Kids?


"How often do you get a date night with your husband?

I am trying to prove to him that normal couples still go on dates with each other. We have sitters; he just never wants to do anything."

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“We have a 2/2/2 rule. Every 2 weeks we go out for one night, every 2 months we go out for the weekend, every 2 years we go out for a week. It’s been so helpful for us and it’s always so much fun! Even though the first time we did a week it was only 4 days.”

“You HAVE to still go on dates and have time to yourselves. There’s no way in hell your marriage will just magically always be good if you don’t continue dating. It’s definitely a cycle. Sometimes we get so caught up with life being so busy! you fall off the wagon but you have to get back on and keep going. There’s no way it will last if you keep the distance. No one is going to be happy or want to be in a marriage that doesn’t bring anything to the table. (Been with my husband for 13 yrs. we have 6 going on our 7th child. We still manage to have time to ourselves even if it’s after putting our kids to sleep.)”

“What’s a date night?”

“We would all the time, unfortunately, we don’t have many people to watch our kids. So if lucky, we do date night once every 3-4 months. I think it’s absolutely important to do so if possible. If you don’t keep up that romantic side of the marriage, later on, the flame will dwindle and you’ll regret it.”

“Our dates are basically watching a movie while the kids go to sleep and then me falling asleep while watching it. We call that a date.”

“We usually go 1-3 times a year. But when we do we make it a big event and splurge. Stuff like a steakhouse or fancy Italian for a birthday, or celebrating with friends. But my husband tends to not enjoy stuff as much as me, so I will go to things like ballet or musicals with friends and make it a girls date night. We mostly do family meals out to our favorite places on a regular basis.”

“Honestly not very often at all. We have a 7 week old, a 3-year-old, and 11-year-old and no sitter. We make it a point to try to make time for each other in the little places we can, though. Usually, while the kids are in bed or on the rare occasion they go with a family member somewhere. We might watch a movie, or hang out on the porch or something. But as far as going out … Once maybe twice a year.”

“Every chance we get. Sometimes that’s once in 2 months sometimes its 2 times in 1 week. My dad unexpectedly came over one night to spend the night and he gave us an hour warning, we fed the kids and were dressed for dinner by the time he got here so we could go out.”

“We have a weekly date night. Thursday nights. We order dinner or sometimes go out and watch our favorite tv show or a movie and then complete the night with…well you get the picture. No phones no games no computers (we have problems with that) which is why we picked weekly on a night we don’t have my daughter. So it’s OUR night. Been together 11 years and started the weekly date night about 2 years ago as we were really struggling to find time for each other in between our jobs and our video games.”

“A minimum of four times a month. You have to keep dating your significant other. Have time to connect. It keeps the spark alive .”

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We go out 1 time per month just the two of us and 1-2 times per month with friends. We also go sit out back by our fire pit at least 2 nights per week after we put the kids to bed to wind down and have some adult time

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I wish i could… :sob::sob: go on a date night ya ahole.

We very rarely ever 'go out.
However, we spend every night that we do have off together in each other’s company; even if we’re doing our own things or absolutely nothing. Always together.

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Atleast 2-3 a month on a Friday or Saturday evenings. Currently Sunday’s are for him (football/motorcycle club with his boys) We’re in our early & mid 30s

At least every other week. Its a necessity

We go every 3 months but its for 2 nights

Never we go as a family I would like to start going to dinner just my bf and I but that not going to happen

Try for once a month

During this pandemic we went out once. Usually we’d go out maybe 3-4 times a month. Not including specials occasions

We only go 1x or 2x a year if we are lucky

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We go twice a month. It usually consist of dinner and grocery shopping but it’s a nice quiet night just us so :woman_shrugging:

Um I don’t even know the last time we did. Maybe our anniversary in 2019 :woman_shrugging:t2:


On average every other weekend

We do date night at home :woman_shrugging: we put the kids to bed and ill cook an amazing meal, hell get desert and we curl up and watch a movie or play cards or whatever :woozy_face::sweat_smile:


Not much with corona. By the time we get home from work things are closed and we are tired. We do enjoy solo trips to Walmart and the grocery store though lol.

A minimum of four times a month. You have to keep dating your significant other. Have time to connect. It keeps the spark alive .

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We don’t go out often at all on date nights.

I work part time and try to make sure I’m off on Federal Holidays (hubby is DOD) and we will go out for a day date when the kids are at school or the wonderful sitter we use when I work

There’s a pandemic so never.

Since covid, we haven’t been on one date or had any alone time. (We had sushi once but the kids were at the table too?) We always have the kids around. Before covid, once every 1-2 months we would have a date night! I forsure miss time alone with my husband!