CPS took my kids and I am strruggling to get them back: Advice?

I’m so scared cps took my kids almost a year and a half ago I went to court in Dec and was told the kids had bonded and with their foster parents and that the kids couldn’t get along and that was the reasoning behind me not getting them back my lawyer says he will fight for me to get my kids back but that i should think about what’s best for them I think the best thing for them is to be home with me, but the courts say otherwise should I be upset? should I fight harder or what should I do


Fight for them no matter what, as soon as you stop that gives them more reason to not give them bacj

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If you can provide those kids a loving stable home then yes you should fight for those kids… But if you can’t then you need to think about what’s best for them I’m not what’s going to make you feel better


What kind of idiot asks if they should fight for their kids :roll_eyes: the questions on this page are getting more and more ridiculous


Never give up on your kids


Never give up. Keep fighting to get ur babies home.

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Never give up on your kids, good luck hon!


I don’t even know why this is a question I would kill for my kids so I definitely would fight for them


If they’ve been removed for that long the question really is why!!!
The fact your asking whether you fight for them gives a little insight as to why :woman_facepalming:t3:


Honestly… you shouldn’t have to ask this question on here. “Most” parents fight. I hope you do what is right for yourself.

Fight harder!! Do not give up!! They make money if those kids get adopted. What’s best for the kids will always be to be with the parents unless here is some kind of drug addict or abusive individual which I don’t know and but don’t see they should have absolutely no reason to not let you have your children back


CPS’ first goal SHOULD ALWAYS BE reunification…are you doing everything required of you? Parenting classes, drug tests, etc?? Do you have a stable and secure home? Both financially and emotionally? I don’t see a reason why they were removed listed and it’s none of my business but chances are, you weren’t able to provide the majority of that and unless you can PROVE otherwise, you probably wont get them back and unfortunately the younger they are and the longer you take to get them back is gonna work against you


If cps or DHS says it is the best for children then U fight them…those monsters put children with abusers and claim innocent when they r killed but take kids off innocent ppl. I am working on getting an informed to go on camera and confirm cps enforces the rights beliefs…including orders to take kids from gayer acting or trans parent and give to the other…they r monsters

“Should I be upset ?”
Are you actually being serious ? If you even need to ask that question, do you even want them back :woman_facepalming:t4:


Depends on why they were taken… No one can answer for you…
You are the parent yet asking if you should fight for them?? What kind of question is that anyway. maybe they are better off.


Keep fighting for them and NEVER give up girl! It will be worth it trust me

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There’s not enough information to give an opinion. Like, why were they removed in the first place?


I think what’s more important is WHY they were taken from you


I’m gonna be blunt here.
It depends on why they were taken, it depends on the situation and if it has changed. Dont give up, change the circumstances so they can come home. If they were taken because you are on drugs, get off the drugs and prove you can stay off of them, if it was abuse or neglect comply with the courts to show you are fit to have them back. You need to do your part, if the situation has stayed the same, they’re not going to deem you a fit parent, and they arent going to give them back to you. 1.5 years is a long time for reunification, what have you been doing all this time to work towards getting them back?


Do people not think for themselves anymore? Not trying to be ‘that’ bitch but if you have to ask a Facebook group if you should fight for your kids then they probably are better off where they are! :woman_shrugging:t3: