DCF threatened to take my child away due to my abusive ex: Are they right?

I have posted on here before about asking if my relationship was toxic, in which everyone agreed it was. I ended up leaving him for a few weeks thinking he would change, I agreed to try again, and the next day I come home to find him drunk while caring for our son. The cops were involved, and he was arrested, and a protective order was set in place. Last night DCF shows up at my door, threatening to take away my child because I was aware of his drinking problem and allowed him to be with our son. I have been manipulated and controlled by this man for years, and in my heart, I really did believe he would change after he saw that I was okay without him. I am a young mom, and he would often tell me that the court would side with him. I work and continue my education in health care as well as maintain an apartment alone. I have been the main caretaker since he was born- emotionally and financially. Overall, I feel like they are making me feel like a terrible mom for being in an abusive relationship. My question is, can they take my child away even though the case was essentially opened up against him? I thought I did the right thing by calling the police, but I guess notPlease add that the drinking was not daily or weekly. But when he did drink, it was bad.


If he’s left in the care of him while he’s intoxicated and you knew he was intoxicated, then yes, they can take him because that would be seen as you putting him at risk.


Yes they can. If you knowingly put your child in danger, you are just as much at fault. Now you will have to prove you’re a fit mom so best advice is to stay far away from him.


You are a parent as well. And you left said child knowing he was with an unfit parent… that does fall on you. Sorry. But people dont change In a couple days. You need to stay aware from that man and worry about your child and yourself. The protective services will see your a good mom.


Yes they can take your kids because you are continuing to put your kid in an unsafe situation leave the relationship


If you continue to let him take care of your son drunk then yes… if you haven’t since that incident then no they can not.

DO NOT let them bully you. It’s scare tactics. But do everything they say to a T. Don’t let his father back around him. They’re looking for a reason to take your child; don’t give them one.


If you have an open file with them, take advantage of it. Ask them for help to leave this toxic relationship and anything they’re willing to help you with dealing with an abuser.


You put your child thru all those things. You should have known what’s right at the moment for him or her not for you.


It’s because you know he has a drinking problem and still leave the child with him that has become a case of child endangerment. Get counseling and divorce/leave him.


Yes they can since you knowingly put your child in danger.


Yes, they can because you are knowingly putting your son in an unsafe environment. If you want to keep your son you need to leave him. The courts will NOT side with him unless he can prove you are unfit.


They can. But do everything to show that ur going to go on with ur life without him. Start with retsraining orders. And file for full custody. Change locks. But be careful because of u allowing him back… U never know. Good luck

Yes, because you knew he had a problem with drink. And if your back with him, they have even more ground to enforce taking your child away. You need to get away from the man completely, father or not. If you want to keep your child, you’ll have nothing to do with him.


If they showed up at your door threating it… they will pursue it…


The best thing you could do is to never accept him back into your home and do not let your son go with him. They can take him and they will if you do not put your child first


You are willfully neglecting your child by leaving him with an unfit parent. I would think if you continue to do this, then the answer would be yes. Stop thinking about yourself and this loser, and think about your kid, and get him the heck out of there! And stop with the “I’m a young mom” crap. You have enough sense to know that you needed to call the police, then you have enough sense to know better than to leave your kid with a drunk. Age isn’t an excuse for irresponsibility!


u did da best thing der shud be no stops for ur bundle of joy

Absolutely because you are putting your child in danger. Truthfully you’ve got to get not only yourself but your child out of that environment. Why risk losing your child? It’s not always easy but girl leave him.


Get out of that relationship, stay away from him, DO NOT TAKE HIM BACK! if you keep taking him back and allowing him to endanger your child they have basically told you yes they will take your child. So stop the bullshit. Stop letting him back in, stop trusting him when he has proven nothing and he isn’t trustworthy. Woman up! Focus on your kids, keep that protection order in place as long as you can. I dunno if you can go to court and try to get full custody? Not sure how that works but if I were you I’d take every procaution and do everything I could to make sure I had full control of my kids and I would absolutely keep him away from your kids until he has proven sober and even then I would take it all to the courts and it would be supervised visitation. get the law off your back and on your side. Stop letting this man ruin your life.