Dealing with pregnancy and anxiety

How do people get on with pregnancy anxiety I’m a mum of four now soon to be five never had anxiety with any of my other pregnancies BUT this one I can’t seem to shake the feeling something bad will happen have other mums experienced this and what did you do to ease your mind and thoughts thanks


Benadryl with my anxiety, helps me relax, I take it when I have trouble sleeping but only 1/2 the dose

doctor prescribed a daily medication, it works some but still have issues as well. I take Tylenol PM to sleep most nights. I have also tried essential oils. I am also looking for other ways to help :confused: good luck!

Speak to your doctor. There are definitely pregnancy safe prescriptions to help with this! Zoloft was a life-saver for me with my first! Good luck!

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Don’t be scared does feelings come and go have someone talk to you and try to calm you down and give you support and make you feel better . I promise everything will be alright if not . You will always have the doctors to help you that’s why they are there to help People. I’m pregnant as well and I feel the same . :heart:

Ugh going through this now I’m 4 weeks from due date n just super nervous something gonna happen

This was my first sign of pregnancy for both of mine. Severe anxiety/fear. This was a first trimester issue for me.

I had bad anxiety with 2 of my children. I kept reminding myself if it was meant to happen then it will regardless of what I did or didn’t do. That is what got me through it.

I had my rainbow baby over 19 monrhs ago and I went through this as well. What I did was get therapy. I was about to talk about my feelings and get support by going to groups with other mothers who was just like me. Asks your doctor praying this can be of help to you. Congratulations enjoy your baby and I pray you can get some relief :heart::pray:

Just breath deep breaths