Deciding on baby #3

Long post warning. Trying to decide what to do but SO and I disagree. How do we decide who gets what they want?
We currently have an almost 3 year old (August) and a 15 month old. I was hoping to start trying at the end of April to aim for a January baby. He wanted to wait and said maybe May or June but then covid happened and I was unable to sub and so we have only 1 income since my mat leave ended in March. Money has been tight but we are waiting on the sale of a tractor and a few other things we could sell and then things would be better plus I am supposed to return to work in the fall.
Also the end of April I lost the sight in my one eye and within a month got a CT. MRI, 2 Ophthalmologist appointment and a neurologist appointment. End result is I have MS. Besides my eyes, and migraines that they say are not related, I have been feeling pretty good. They want me to decide what I am doing about meds and/or pregnancy.
The reasons I want to try now:
I have been feeling pretty good so far and never know what the future will bring.
I want my kids 2 years apart and that is already being pushed as my first are 18 months and I feel if too far the new baby won’t be as close as these two.
I am a math science teacher but will be returning to a 6/7 classroom in the fall and am very nervous about teaching English and so would just like to get my EI and return to a mat leave.
By returning to work I am able to keep our health plan coverage (Canada) and get my EI again.
I really want 4 kids and he would have been fine after our first and now after 2 but has said we can have 3 but he wants to wait so I work longer and make more money. Although I feel it never seems to matter we are tight more often plus I will be paying for 2 kids in daycare.
He drives a semi most of the time so is often away monday to friday or longer so when working kids are all on me and when they get sick it is always a challenge I have to face since it isn’t the easiest to call in sick the morning of. I’m also home alone with the new baby plus 2 kids and I know this but I completely accept it because I know I am the one pushing for another and want the baby. He isn’t a baby person but does fantastic as they get older. He does so good with these two now that they can do more together.
Other things I have considered are that we already have a vehicle, all the things we need (will eventually need another toddler bed and a new car seat sometime after they are 6 months) and we have a camper that fits us all (our summer holiday). Our house is smaller but we can certainly make it work.
I have an appointment for Wednesday to get my IUD out but we are still undecided. Either I forcing him to have a baby when he wants to wait or he is forcing me to work at a job I don’t feel good returning too but can’t change as there are not many schools around and I was willing to suck it up planning to take my leave and also by waiting it completely changes the age gaps I had planned for my family and always talked about for years.

sorry for the length but would love any advice. thanks.

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This is such a tough decision and I am not sure there is a right or wrong answer. Of course the both you and your SO should agree on the timing of when you have your children, you also do need to take your health into consideration. Will being pregnant and the stress of a newborn cause your MS symptoms to get worse? As hard as it would be to change your plan you may need to because of your health and you want your children to have you as present as you can be. If you know your SO can’t be around to help much during the week this may really impact the care all your children would need if you were to fall sick. I know this is easier said than done so all I can say is that as a bystander it seems you should probably wait a bit to see how your health is and whether it would be wise for your body to take on another pregnancy and baby.