Did a membrane sweep work for you?

Was wondering the success rate for other mom’s on having a membrane sweep. Had my 2nd one today at 38+ 3 weeks.

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Never heard of that procedure.

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Had mine done at 38 weeks went into labor almost immediately had it done 1200pm had my daughter at 212am

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I had 3 seperates one in the same pregnancy and it didn’t work for me.

Yes had it with the lady 2 babies. They were born within 24 hours

Used to be called “stripping your membranes”. Had one with my first child and my last child. (My water broke on my second child so not needed) Helped put me in labor as I was overdue each time!

I had one done at almost 40 weeks and was cramping that day than I started having small contractions. By the end of the night they were consistent and stronger. I gave birth at 3 or 4 that morning.

I had one 4 days before my due date to hopefully prevent him from coming on either of his brothers birthdays (he was due on June 3 and I already had a June 1 and June 2 baby). I had him with in 12 hours of the sweep. However the dr did tell me it isnt a guarantee. It only works if your body is already in the process of going into labor (usually within 36 hrs if I remember correctly).

Had it done with my second child out of 3. I believe it works. But so does castor oil. Quickly.

Yes!! Within the week for me

Had a sweep with my first, she came 4 days later, had a sweep with my second, he came 4 days later lol

Nope. All 3 went overdue (induced 11 days over, induced 3 days over, spontaneously 10 days over(

I had it done and went into labor less then 24 hours later.

Had a sweep lost my plug next day 2 days after did another sweep started labor 12 hrs later and 5.5 hours of labor baby was here.

I just learned something

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Had a sweep with my first and she came the next day

2 of mine I went into labor 12 hours later.

My 2nd came the day after my sweep

Yup! Within 48 hours with my second!

It worked for me with my older kids but with my younger ones it didnt. I honestly think the obs didnt do it right with my younger 2. I think they just attempted it to shut me up. It worked almost instantly with my older kids