Did anyone bleed a lot with the depo injection?

I’m currently on the depo injection (birth control) and been bleeding now for over four weeks, has anyone else had this? Is this normal?


I bleed for six months doctor tried different pills to get it to stop to regulate my hormones

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I did for an entire 6 months, I had to stop getting it I was anemic and needed iron it was so bad

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I bled heavily for 4 months straight and got off of it

Yes I had that happen to me. I spotted everyday and I ended up switching birth controla

I bled for 3 month straight. The entire time I was on it.

Ugh yes I was on it years ago and was always bleeding all the way until I got off it but I heard after being on it a couple years your period stops all together :woman_shrugging:

I bled the entire time I was on the shot. Got second shot bc Dr told me it would make the bleeding stop and in fact it made it worse, my pH got all out of wack and I kept getting yeast infections and Bacterial infection. Had to take iron for anemia. It was awful

Yep. They told me if I got the 2nd shot early it would stop the bleeding.
I bled or spotted for 7 months straight.

No that’s not normal…sounds like the road to becoming infertile…id change immediately or stop altogether and give your body a chance to reset its hormones

Every day for 9 straight months until I quit getting it. Doctor said just keep getting it and I’d stop bleeding eventually.

My sister almost died from the blood loss after the depo injection. So please go to doctor/hospital and have it checked out. Ended in long stay in hospital, blood transfusions, scans etc.

I sometimes spot for about 4 weeks just depends on my stress level but have been on it for a few years and my periods usually dont come unless its close to when i need another shot

I’m not bleeding😩 it’s killing me. Im in so much pain whenever my period date rolls around. Id rather bleed than scream cause of cramps

I only got the shot once and bled for three months straight. It was awful

I just got my first round of it and almost due for my second shot and I haven’t bled at all. My periods are nonexistent at this point and I’m thankful for that right now.

I did the first 3 months then never bled again

Hated the depo shot. Get off!!!

Really? I was on the depo and never had a period. This was also 10 years ago :thinking:

I didn’t bleed on it but I got pregnant on it