Did anyone else deal with low blood pressure in pregnancy?

Has anyone experienced low blood pressure in third trimester? My BP is usually 100/60, and recently it has been 90/40’s. I’ll be 33 weeks Saturday, Dec 14th. My doctor doesn’t seem concerned, but I can tell as soon as my BP drops because I get fatigued, dizzy, nauseous, and groggy. How can I help keep my BP at a normal level? I’m also anemic, but taking iron supplements.


It is very common for BP to drop during pregnancy. It can lead to dizziness and fainting. Just treat the symptoms, stay hydrated, eat, and lie down when you feel dizzy.

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100/60 is low as well. I’m shocked your Dr. isn’t concerned! How is your fluid intake? How is your pulse rate? Low BP and ^ heart rate could be a sign of dehydration.

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Keep hydrated. I was high risk with gestational diabetes. I was also sick and vomiting daily. My son was born 25 years ago and was perfect, 6.8oz. I ended up with c section, my baby was squeezing the umbilical cord and putting himself in distress!

I normally have pretty low blood pressure…I remember being 90/60…it didn’t cause any long term problems for me or my babes.

Plenty of water, n rest

When I was pregnant with my first daughter I had extremely low blood pressure. It was not unusual for me to pass out while grocery shopping, running errands ect… A girl friend who was into holistic medicine, made ma a tea with alphalfa (sp) in it. It did improve my blood pressure and I did stop passing out. Even now, I’m 52, smoke cigarettes,never eat right, use all the salt I want and my blood pressure is still low. Last time it was 98/65. Body temp is around 96 degrees and even when my appendix ruptured I didn’t run a fever. Weird??

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. How are your labs? Any kidney issue?

Your pregnant your whole body.is.out of whack just.keep.following.up with your doctor eat.well drink lots.of water and rest.if needed but your doc should be a little more concerned as well good luck with everything

I just went through the same exact thing, I just had my son 2 weeks ago thank goodness, it’s very exhausting and scary at times cause you feel so weak to do anything. I was taking vitamin B12 for my low iron and I was prescribed jamp-ferrous glutonate for my low blood pressure, when I took my pills I didn’t feel so weak and tired as to when I didn’t take them. They really helped me get through my last few weeks of pregnancy.

Both of my pregnancies my doctor couldn’t believe how low my blood pressure was. I am also anemic and had to take a vitamin. I wouldn’t worry too much momma. Some of us are just weird :yum: congratulations and good luck to you!

Try to stay well hydrated-drink lots of water (you are drinking for 2), change positions slowly - sit for a minute before you stand, and try to rest on your side instead of flat on your back or leaning straight back. Pregnancy can do all kinds of weird stuff to your body. If it is something that is worrying you, tell your doctor that, and ask them to explain why it is happening and what you can do to feel better. You’re almost there mama!

I was always low but doctor didn’t worry I felt fine

.Mines always low and I’m not pregnant I just got out of hospital while in there the nurse freaked everyone came running I felt fine except a headache U need to also keep your fluids up which will help

Lots of water and up your salt. I had the same issue . That was my OBs rec and it fixed me

I have low blood pressure. But they weren’t concerned because it is just me. I was and am otherwise healthy.

I was told to lay on my side until I feel I undizzy

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If you have told your OBGYN your symptoms and they are not concerned, why would you ask people with no medical experience. Trust your doctor.


I experienced this my whole pregnancy. If you arent already, get a big water bottle and drink 3 of them a day, and eat a lot of little snacks. Also like Sandra Griffith said, lay on your side.