Did anyone else fear not being a good mom with their 2nd?

I have a question and its more of asking for some advice. im 4 months pregnant with my second child, my 1st child was my miracle baby considering I was told i couldnt have children. my babies will be 4 years apart and im just totally worried about it. my first pregnancy wasnt easy but i made it through and this one seems to be the same. im afraid I wont be a good mom like I was to my first child and I feel alone in this pregnancy when I know im not. i just want to know if anyone else felt kind scared or worried when they were having their second kid? if they felt like things were going to be different or how they intended to handle this?. please any advice would help I just want to know if anyone else felt nervous or scared about having two babies.


My 1st one after 19 years refuses to speak to me. So, either way…us mother never get the credit…

I did. And i think it’s normal. It was me and my oldest for 6 years so i wasn’t sure how to fit another baby into the scenario without it causing issues for our bond and love. It’s alot easier than you think it will be. There was jealousy at first and some days still but you find your balance. I was afraid that i wouldn’t love them equally, turns out you do and you just fear things bc you want to be the best you can be.

I think it’s a normal concern. Having two children is harder than having just one because you have to divide your attention between them. I also think that just the fact that you are so concerned about this shows that you will do whatever it takes to be a good mom.


My second child was my blessing .
First child second child or third child I always felt the same with each one.
But you will have one that you will fill closer too.
But you love them the same

I was scared to death, I was afraid I couldn’t take care of 2 kids plus work which I had to do and of course don’t forget the housework but I managed and do will you don’t stress

I was scared. Very scared. I didn’t know what I was capable of as a mother. My kids are disabled (all of them), let me tell you…it will go away. Every single parent out there goes to bed thinking they are a shit parent. Don’t let that trick you. Because us women are stronger than we like to realize. My kids are all 3 years apart, and the only thing I’m worried about now is their attitudes!

11, 10, 9, and 4 day old rainbow baby. It’s not hard like people make it out to be. Have your son help you. He will enjoy it and be good bonding for all involved. My oldest helped with her sister and she wasn’t 1 yet but really close. They both went on to help their brother and now all 3 help with the baby.

Me being a parent to my second and third helped me realize i wasn’t so good the first time around… i got better thats for sure

That’s a common feeling, and I agree with Yvette Marie… another thing make sure you keep your other child involved with the baby, so they won’t feel left out,let them hold them (with support of course) maybe let them give you the diaper, wipees, etc …and give them one on one attention…

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we all think like that. scared our first wont get the right amount of attention. scared they will get jealous or feel less loved. but once baby gets here, after a week or two of adjusting, it becomes your new normal. you get the hang of handling both children. and your kids are 4 years apart so it will be easy to include the 4 year old in things with the baby. if they are same gender, the older child can help with bath time. even if not same gender, he/she can help feed baby. watch baby and give a pacifier if you have to run to the bathroom real quick. it gives the older child a sense of being included in everything so they wont feel left out. my 10 year old helps greatly with my 1 month old baby. an example, i had to use the bathroom this morning (baby was acting asleep), she started crying while i was in the bathroom. he came in from his room and talked to her and gave her the pacifier without me yelling from the bathroom for him to do it. he heard her and did it himself. my 5 year old helps out some too. they both like feeding her a bottle and talking to her. they feel included.

I didn’t want anymore children after my first. My second pregnancy was a total surprise and I was absolutely terrified. I couldn’t imagine loving another child as much as I loved my son but now, I couldn’t imagine not having my baby girl. She’s 14 now and has been my little ray of sunshine since the day she was born. The relationship will be totally different but magical in its own way. The fact that you’re even concerned about it, means you’ll put in the extra effort and be a wonderful Mom to all your babies. Best wishes!

I was so afraid of this but I promise all of that will change once the baby arrives. I felt such a sense of peace with my second

We all worried, worrying about being a good mum is the first sign you definitely are!! Seeing the two kids together,them interacting brings a whole new level of love into it also xx your going to do great​:heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

After 3 kids, 10 grandkids and 2 great grandkids…you worry if you’re giving each child the attention they need, no matter how old or how many. Instead of thinking that…spend time with each one or in groups and make it fun. Instead of regrets, make memories, time is what they want…find it!

I believe its completely normal to feel what you feel. I have 3 and felt that way for the 2nd and 3rd and once you have the baby all the fears go away (at least it did for me), the thing that did change the most was with my first I brought everything but the kitchen sink to bring to visit family, by the 3rd baby I threw diapers and wipes in my purse and called it a day lol


I was so scared that I wasn’t going to love my 2nd as much or I wouldn’t be a good mom all through my pregnancy but the second I saw my baby all that washed away I was over come with love and I know I’m a kick ass mom

Yes. That is a fear that i had with both my kids and i still have that fear. I dont think that ever goes away. But you got this mama and you will do your best for them everyday. Give them what they need. What they want is just the icing on the cake for them.

We all think that at some point. As long as you try, you’re an amazing mom.Xoxox

You are already a good mom because youre already considering your child in your feelings! Remember God never gives us more than we can handle and that beautiful angel was meant to be placed in your life!!! When you feel like you arent doing things right remember you are that precious babys MOMMY in your babies eyes you will always be the greatest mother in the world!!! :heart: