Did anyone else go through this after getting a tubal?

I’m a 36-year-old mom of 4. I’m done with babies. My youngest just turned seven at the end of June. Her birthday also marked seven years since I had a tubal. Before my tubal, my periods were normal. They lasted about three days and were what I would call normal. They weren’t heavy. They weren’t light. I would change my tampon/pad each time I went to the bathroom. Since my tubal, once a month, I feel like I’m dying. I bleed as someone stabbed me in my hoo-ha (sorry). The first day is usually just spotting, and ALOT of discomfort and body aches. My back, stomach, and`


Yes I feel it too. I can fill a pad or super in an hour or less and the pain…

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Same. Mine lasted 4 days and was easy to manage. Had my tubes tied 5.5 years ago when I had my twins and since then it’s 7 days. The 1st day and last are spotting to normal flow but the days in between are ultra tampon with a pad sometimes and everything hurts. If I had known it was going to be like this I would have figured something else out.

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Yes ma’am. The pain is a hundred times worse & I now bleed for 7 days. It’s horrible

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Yes. I feel flu like sick in the days before my period now…and they’ve become shorter but way heavier and more painful. I’m 36 had a tubal at 34.

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After mine and my daughters ITV we suffered a lot more. Heavy heavy too

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Yes. I was diagnosed with mennoragia. An ablation really helped me with the heavy flow.


Mine are just as normal as they were before

Go to your OB/GYN. She can help you .

I had my tubal 6 years ago and my doctor put me back on birth control. It helps with the bleeding and the pain.

That happened to me and I ended up with a hysterectomy. My uterus was full of polyps. Please see your doctor.

My period was always heavy but now they are so heavy I use a flex cup bc I cannot keep up with them. I can go through an ultra tampon in 15 mins. My cramps are way worse than before. Mood swings, the frequency of my period is never the same … I used to be able to count up and map my entire year and usually not be off more than a day so I knew when to take vacations but now every month is a mystery… I may not have 1 at all or I may have 1 every 2 weeks… all my blood tests are normal and the drs refuse to accept the tubal ligation is my issue. I am 34 trying to save up for a reversal just to see if it corrects my issue bc I had mine done almost 13 years ago and it’s been a living hell ever since I did it.

Yep had my tubal ligation at age 28, 3 days after delivering my 2 and child. I was blessed to have a daughter first then a son second. Periods were always normal, then at age 31, started to have god awful bleeding and cramping everywhere, went to my Gynecologist, he said well we just messed with mother nature to much. Two weeks I was having partial hysterectomy and had my ovaries left in for hormone levels to remain intact. I’m 51 now and seriously it was the best thing I ever done in that body region. Goodluck.

I got an ablation 3 years after my tubal for this reason. No problems since.

My cycles are horrible after my tubal

Yes ma’am. My periods were terrible after the tubal. I had an ablation and now they are super light and last about 3 days at the most.

Omg me thank god someone else understand

First and second day are worst days for me and it suck I’ll have go though it twice because I have 2 periods months

Ive heard that OVER AND OVER from so many friends. A couple ended up with hysterectomies. It was the reason DH got a vasectomy

I’ve been tied 3 years. Nothing changed for me