Did anyone else have increased stress and anxiety after birth?

Can you ask if other mothers have had an increased stress and anxiety level after birth ? . I cant sleep at night anymore, I’m terrified to drive my car now. Am I the only one?


it happens more then you think make sure you tell your doctor

You are not alone. I had a panic attack about 3 days postpartum. It’s been really hard this time around. I called my Dr and she prescribed something for depression and anxiety. It’s okay to need help.

Post partum anxiety is an actual diagnosis. Talk to your doctor. :heart:

I had it, I didn’t even want anyone holding my baby.

It’s been 5 years and my anxiety still is bad, I was on meds but they made me feel sick so I had to stop. Good luck and def see a dr they can try meds that may help you better than they did me.

I’m 1 whole year pp and have really bad anxiety and paranoia now

Yes. I am on Zoloft bc of it. Please talk to your doctor ASAP.

Yes, never saw anyone for it and my youngest is 2.5 years. It has got worse

I am in Canada and when I told my family doctor how much my anxiety problems got worse after childbirth, the doctor referred me to a psychiatrist who specifically works with new mothers. I saw her for a year and it helped. Please see a doctor about it if you’re able. If you’re not able, meditation and exercise can help mental wellness.

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yes started right after my daughter was born 7 years ago… never went away.

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Definitely talk to your doctor. You are far from alone.

You are not alone at all!!! I am almost 9 month pp and I still have terrible anxiety. I would recommend seeing a doctor because that’s what I did and he prescribed me some medicine that has helped.

3 years and it has just gotten worse and worse get the help now dont wait :pray:t2: my mistake was waiting so long to finally get it taken care of

Hormones probably play a big part. Have a full panel thryoid check done. Many develop thryoid disease after giving birth…I did, as well as had a severe vitamin d deficient and have now an auto immune disorder…can cause many symptoms if you’re levels are off like depression, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, etc

If this is your first child then it’s probably normal. Being a new mom makes people into a bunch of worry warts. (I think that’s the proper lingo) however always seek professional advice if it feels more off than normal or becomes worsening

It mostly hit me when i saw child abuse/child death cases on the news. It wasnt just oh i feel so sad. It became a mental problem for me even now i cant explain what went wrong with me. I had to stop watching news and read about that kind of cases for a long time. Now i seem a bit better

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Postpartum anxiety! It his me hard for about 6 monthsss

My anxiety level has gone up n ially

Not at all! Postpartum depression hit me like a brick wall for about 3 months after my daughter was born and I was terrified to leave the house and anxious when my husband went to work. My instincts told me that I needed to hole up at home with my child and husband where it’s safe. I knew that the things I was feeling were completely irrational but knowing did not make it any easier to resist those thoughts. What really helped me was making appointments (pp checkup, baby checkup and chiropractor) and having to stick to them. Eventually it went away and now I can look back on that time with some amusement but at the time it was very scary and real.