Did anyone else have issues with nexplanon?

Can you post anonymously? I’m not a mom, but I was wondering if anyone else has a problem with their nexplanon I got mine almost a year ago and it’s been great and my periods have been regular up until about four months ago I’ve had my period for about four months now it will stop for a day or two but no longer than that and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I should do it’s been light and very heavy on and off


Side effects from what I remember that my doctor mentioned was depression with all the hormonal changes. The first 6 months I was a mess… I got past the rough patch… I got up to 2 years with it when my periods started changing. They started to get heavy… my cramping got worse… The last 5 months that I had it I had 2 periods in 1 month!!! I decided I was done with that thing. I went to my appt for the removal and mentioned to Medical assistant about my crazy periods the last few months and she said girl!! I had the same thing happen to me. After the 2 years I was having more than 1 period in a month and also got it out. She mentioned she has heard alot of people say the same thing that I was experiencing. Hope this helps!

I got pregnant with my daughter 4 months after getting the nexplanon implant.

I had my first one for 3 years with no problems. Had 2 kids after taking it out and then got IT in again after my 2nd pregnancy. I had my cycle for 1 year with a total of 7 days off with in the year if even! I had to get it removed.

Mine did that it didn’t stop I thought mine was defective somehow so I had it removed and replaced and i still didn’t stop bleeding I had to take it out I’m on the Nuvaring and love it

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My sister in law’s broke in her arm somehow. She said she wasn’t doing anything strenuous, that scared me outta getting it

Had slightly increased heavier cycles, nasty mood swings, gained a crap ton of weight. And severe migraines. Once removed, lost alot of weight, cycle was late to return but it returned, and migraines decreased as well as mood swings. Couldn’t wait to get that mofo out.

Girl my friend and I got it the same day and when her husband went to go kiss her goodbye in the morning she didn’t kiss him back and he thought that was strange so he turned on the light to catch her having a stroke… it caused her to get a blood clot in her brain!!

For me my periods were so horrible and heavy and lots of tissue I had to end up getting it removed myself.

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Caused me to gain 40 lbs I was always hungry… Even when I was full… I was emotionally and irrationally pissed off and would just cry about everything… It made me very sensative to tasting plastic in bottles, acne like crazy, I bled 50-75% of the month off and on, it migrated and caused constant pain in my arm. Lowered my sex drive, my sweat smelt bad, my pH was off.

I had to have mine removed because of this same problem.

I had it for a year, no periods but I had severe cramps assuming around the time my cycle was due. Took it out due to gaining 60 lbs!!!

I got my nexplanon put in after my best friend and sister told me how great it was… i had my period for months and months My doctor insisted I give it more time. After 6 months of nearly constant period I finally had enough and said take it out!!! Then they tell me some people just have bad reactions to it and that is just how my body reacted to it

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I bled non stop also, had it taken out and dr put it on my allergies to medicine, but I think it was my hormones

I’m guessing here but the smart thing would be contacting your dr

I would consult your doctor.

I do that a lot and then some time it for 4 to 5 day

I had issues with it at first but now I absolutely love it…

I haven’t had a period since mine was put in October 2017, but I have gained a lot of weight. When I told the Dr I wanted it taken out due to weight gain she said it doesn’t cause weight gain :roll_eyes: Also I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease about a year after having it, and I don’t drink so I’m wondering if the nexplanon caused it since it mentions liver problems. My doctor refuses to take mine out till it is time, she also said fatty liver disease doesn’t cause weight gain :roll_eyes: so I’m looking for a new doctor that isn’t stupid :joy:

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I had that demon seed removed from my arm about a month in of having it. It literally made me a fly off the handle kind of angry/crazy. I made an emergency appointment and told them to get the SOB out of me stat!

So I bleed for 91 days straight, had it removed and then developed problems conceiving.