Did anyone else have trouble getting pregnant after depo?

Did anyone have trouble conceiving after stopping depo? I finished a year ago. I have only had one period, and that was mid-April. My doctor says it’s normal, but I’m starting to feel it’s not.


My ob gyn said it can takes UP TO 12-18 months to completely get out of your system if you have been on it for a year/s…

No help but I was on depo for years and I went off January 2015 and was pregnant April 2015

My period coming back a year after stoping depo. Keep calm everything is ok :slight_smile:

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How long were you on the shot? I was on it for 3 years, stopped and got pregnant after about 3 months. We weren’t actively trying though, just not trying to prevent it if that makes sense.

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I didn’t get pregnant for 7 years after depo and I only had 3 shots WORST poison you could put in your body

I was pregnant with my daughter 18 month after last depo

I was on depo for 3 years got pregnant twice and misscarried both times , I’ve been off it for almost 3 years now and I’m finally having a healthy pregnancy, it depends on your body! But I’ll NEVER get the depo shot again’

5 months after having it a year

I have used depo for over 10 years. I have two kids, was pregnant within a month of being off it both times.

It can take between 2-3 years for it to wear off apparently, took me 2 years this time round (3rd baby) I was giving up hope but we finally got there… Due in 9wks! Wish you all the luck x

I got pregnant with my son while on the depo… I think it depends on your body tho

I got pregnant while on depo!

I was on the depo for 3 years never had a period… switched off it to the nuvaring cause I hated the depo weight gain… was on nuvari ring for 3 months after getting off the depo. Before the depo I was on the pill… I was on BC for total of 5 years at least… after being on the nuvaring for 3 months(Sept,17’) , I didn’t get my first period till the following January of 2018 I met my husband in June 2018. Come to about Sept 19,18 is when I found out I was pregnant. Whole time from Sept 17’ -sept 19,18’ no BC what so ever… so my body had a whole year to relase all the extra hormones I had built up from the BC … Just depends on your body

Took me a year to get pregnant after last depo shot (or when it was due) . Does take a while to get out of your system

It took me about 1-2 years after my last depo shot with both of my boys. It stays in your system a lot longer than most think. When your periods aren’t normal after depo, my doctor told me you’re not ovulating as much as usual but it should get back to normal after some time.

I stopped taking my depo June 2018 and was pregnant by September 2018. Wishing you the best :heart:

I was on depo for 5 years got off my last shot in Aug 2016 didn’t get my first period till March of 2018 took about 8 months to “regulate”(if you call consider every 60days regular) got pregnant May 2019 due any day now
My good friend was on it for 3 years got pregnant 5 months after her last shot… It really depends on your body

Yes it completely messed up my system, in took a 7 years to conceive afterwards.

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Yes, I was messed up for several years as well.