Did anyone else with a small frame give birth vaginally?

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and at 28 weeks my baby boy was weighing 3.3 pounds and I was told he’s in the 85th percentile. I’m thinking he’s going to come early because of how big he is but I was wondering if because of my small frame I would have to have a C-section or if other people that had a small frame were able to deliver big babies vaginally? If it helps, at my very first appointment I weighed 121 pounds and at my 28 week appointment I weighed 150 pounds.


I was 105 starting weight and gave birth vaginally 3 times with no epidural

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Not small framed but narrow pelvis. They tried scheduling c-section at 38 weeks because of her size and my opening. Doc said no way would I have her natural, well sure enough I did! Induced at 41 weeks, all natural 12 hour delivery with a 9lb 9oz baby!


I am 4’9 and gave birth vaginally twice.

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I was 135lbs when I gave birth to a 7.5 lb baby vaginally. Didn’t even tear.

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Woman’s body can get a baby out no matter


I was same size and have had to vaginally and working on the third. It really just depends at the end since everyone is different.

I was 120lbs when I got pregnant. I was right around 170 when I had my daughter. I was all baby!:roll_eyes:
I gave birth to her completely natural… I was induced at 39 weeks,10 hours in labor 2 hours pushing. She was 8lb 5 oz 20 inches long! One week later I was back in my pp clothes!

I was 19 yrs old. 98 lbs when I got pregnant. Gained 50 lbs and had a 9lb baby boy.
It wasn’t easy but he was born vaginally.
Went on to have 5 more after that so I guess it wasn’t so bad :woman_shrugging::rofl:

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Your body was made to birth. Big baby & small frame are not reasons to have a cesarean birth.

I’m 5’6” and never above 108lbs , aside from pregnancy, and have naturally birthed 2 8.5lb babies.

You can do it, momma


I birthed an almost 9 pound baby I was 115 before getting pregnant and 170 when I delivered but I was all baby. I’m a small girl and it was fine my birth was amazing. The size of you’re body does not matter even ask a doctor don’t listen to people they said the same to me and it wasn’t true

I’ve known a lot of very small frame young women who have given natural birth with no issues at all. It all has to do with your dilation and if you complete it to 10 you shouldn’t have an issue - they may have to do an episiotomy which is a cut to keep you from tearing in your vaginal area if the baby’s head is large but that is stitched up and you really never notice afterwards - if they feel the baby is going to be too large for you to deliver they should discuss a c-section and set the time up for it to occur. Good luck and congrats.

I weighed 134 lbs the day I had my daughter.

I’m a nanny. My boss is SUPER tiny and gave birth to all 4 kids naturally, two of which were twins.

I was 105 when i first got pregnant didnt go over 130 at the end of pregnancy. I had my son naturally

I was 98 pounds pre pregnant was 171 ponds when delivered at 40 weeks exact my son was 8 pounds 15.5 ounces when born and all natural

I had 2 big babies 1st 9lb 10oz, 2nd 10ld 5oz. 1st was an emergency c-section,2nd was a natural birth. As long as baby is healthy how they born in my opinion doesn’t matter

A lot of times they are off by the weight let me just say that, I am a mom to four and two were preemies

I’m 5 ft even was 120 when I got pregnant and cant remember how much weight I gained (around 50 lbs or so water weight plus other issues :joy::joy::joy:) and I gave birth to my daughter vaginally
Also my mother was 4ft 11 and poped out 6 of us vaginally

I weighed 90 when I got pregnant and delivered at 110 naturally, he was 5lb 11oz.

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