Did anyone else's baby make it in to their pelvis early?

Anyone else’s baby engage in their pelvis early? I’m 33 weeks, and the baby has made her way into my pelvis. Literally, feel like she’s gonna fall out there’s so much pressure. Also, I feel like there may be some burning going on. With contractions for the last two weeks and a positive FFN test. Thought my water broke the other day, but I determined just lost control of my bladder, so I never went in. Everything has been making me so nervous and freaks me out that I won’t make it to full term. This is also my 3rd pregnancy within three years my boys are 2.5 years and 11 months and never had this many issues with them.


Yes. I had my son at 35 weeks. He moved down into my pelvis around 32 weeks.

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My last baby was down in my pelvis at like 16 weeks and the other 2 were very early down. Unless your dr has give you reason for concern I’m sure it’s fine. If you’re worried then call and ask

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Yes. My last one was there FOREVER. And his head was a little misshapen for a month or so after birth from being in the same spot for so long

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It does happen and especially because it is your 3rd in a short time. Just pay attention and stay positive. You’ll be all good

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It didn’t happen to me but my labour and birth was anything but normal lol. I have heard from other mothers when I was pregnant that their children moved to their pelvis early on xx

Yes was pushing down at 31 tried to come. Flipped 24 hours before arrived at 33 weeks exactly on my birthday. Please speak to your Midwives as a few red flags in your post

My daughter was head down in pelvis till 28 weeks, then turned breech and I had her feet in my pelvis. Ugh

Yes my 3rd was the same way, I sneezed and thought I lost bladder control but…my water broke & 3 weeks early we were gifted a perfectly healthy baby boy!! Mind you from the time my water broke till his birth was 16 hours later!!:blush:

Go ask your doctor. Seems like they need to get you in asap

My little had been dropped low sense 29 weeks…

I personally would of phoned the hospital or midwife just incase it was your waters… my water went a week before and I didnt notice because mine broke slowly (few little dribbles in my knickers over a few days) and anyways we ended up getting sepsis and me and my daughter was very poorly in hospital for 5 days, had to have an emergency c section because of the infection… her head was down at 32 weeks stayed down also x

I would have the doctor check to make sure you’re not leaking any amniotic fluid. That’s how I felt around 30 weeks or so. It felt as if I was peeing on myself but I knew I couldn’t have been. I ended up getting induced early at 34 weeks 5 days due to low amniotic fluid.

I had twins and my daughter was so low when I sat I felt like I was sitting on her. It was insane. I could feel her head…there! Lol. They were born happy and healthy 38 weeks. Itll be ok momma…

I lost amneotic fluid early as well, slowly over the course of a few hours, it did not “gush” out all at once like it typically would when your water breaks. Go get checkout out by the doctor. you could be in early labour (I was as well at 32 weeks) I had my daughter at 37 weeks… As long as your not in full out labour you should be fine. I had to stay off my feet and not lift anything I still went in labour early but she was basically full term and 100 % normal

I was 2 cm dilated on 33 weeks, 3 on my 34 week and then had my lo at 37 weeks

If your water broke you should be talking to the Drs. Be safe God bless

I feel the same way… They keep sending me home cause i haven’t dilated but the contractions have not slowed down. So annoying :persevere:

I thought I peed myself too…my water had broken. I’d definitely get off facebook and see your DR. That’s why you pay them

I’m 30 weeks and he’s already head down my OB said it was fine. I thought it was normal? Due Sept. 26th. You should see a Dr.

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