Did anyone experience hip pain during pregnancy?

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I’m having it right now. It’s been constant since conception to the point of not being able to sleep very well at all. Pregnancy pillow has helped. A Tylenol, some muscle rub, and the pillow are required to lay down. Also an exercise ball will really really help. You can find good little routines on YouTube for pregnancy hip pain with your exercise ball that take less than ten minutes and boy oh boy does it help.

Yes so bad all the time, mostly during the night

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More intense towards the end of pregnancy. I experienced the worst of it postpartum.

The my first two it was only at night and on my left side. After I had my second child I had to have surgery on my left hip. So now with my third pregnancy my hip pain is even worse in my left and now starting in my right.

It was horrible with my 4th (last) pregnancy. I had it with both of my girls. This last pregnancy though I couldn’t do anything without a 8-9 level pain. I’d cry just standing up. Even laying down at night I hurt so bad. It started around 6 month mark & it just got worse as the pregnancy progressed. In the end she was worth it but, not doing that again lol.

You can go to the Chiropractor while pregnant, it should help

Yes I did as I had twins and hips probably in the past

Hip, back, head, arm, leg, shoulder, neck, you name it,it hurt.