Did anyone feel nauseous after having a colposcopy?

Has anyone else gotten really nauseous after a colposcopy?


It’s from the sedation


Yeah. Didn’t last too long. It should npass

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Mine lasted a couple hours.

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I didnt have sedation when I had mine. And I was fine. Didn’t feel sick at all.

It isn’t the colonoscopy it was the anesthesia depending on how much. But it could be from the gas take gas pills cause endoscopy and colonoscopy add gas and discomfort for the next few days

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Yes. Several years ago I had a colonoscopy and barely made it inside the house.:face_vomiting:I was miserable. The anesthesia just has to wear off. I hope you feel better. It’s miserable!

Before the clean out meds then and after anesthesia makes me sick so does dye.

I recently had one! I felt worn out afterwards and nauseated, but I think it was the adrenaline wearing off from the initial anxiety/worry about getting the procedure done.

Just rest, drink lots of fluids and relax :heart:

Colpo not colon related. I didnt feel nauseous but I was nervous as hell!!!


You guys she is talking about a colposcopy not a colonoscopy. Two completely different things. And you do not get put under for a colposcopy. Also I have had several colposcopy and have not felt any nausea. Contact your gynecologist.


You could be having a vasal vagal reaction which is basically when you get yourself worked up due to nervousness,


I haven’t had one but my mom feels terrible after hers, she always just assumed it was from not being able to eat beforehand and going through the prep.

Y’all need to read. :woman_facepalming:
I’ve have two colposcopies done. Once while pregnant. The one while I was pregnant was the worst! I wouldn’t say I was nauseous either time. Definitely super crampy though!


Yes. When I get anxious and tense up I pinch the vagus nerve in my neck. It actually can make you pass out. With my last colposcopy, I told the assistant I was either going to pass out or vomit (because it makes you nauseous when that nerve is pinched). She tilted the bed back until my head was the lowest on the table to recirculate blood flow. I was nauseous for two days afterwards. It takes a lot out of your body because that nerve controls many things along with your heart and lungs.

No not after a colposcopy I don’t think? I know it’s been about 8yrs cuz my OB did my last colpo as well as a biopsy on my cervix when he suspected I had cervical cancer because I tested positive got HPV.

Most likely due to nerves and anxiety.

I’ve had two colposcopies. I never felt nauseous after. Just cramping.

After the leep, but not the colpo.

Anesthesia makes me nauseated.