Did anyone get a tubal done straight after a c-section?

I’m pregnant with my 3rd child. This will be my 3rd C section. The first child had complications that ended in a c sec. I’m thinking about getting a tubal ligation done during the c section. ( so I don’t have to be on hormonal birth control again) I’m almost 30, and I’m done after this one! My question is for women who have had this done during a csec… did it make surgery much longer? Did it go relatively smoothly? Any issues after? Thanks for the input, ladies!


I had mine done . It was an emergency c section but I had already planned having it done. No problems at all.

I had mine’s done hours after vaginal child birth, my daughter’s after c-section. Have it done togerher because it will not add to your recovery unless you have other complications. I did not have any complications than or now. My daughter also.

I had my tubes tied after my 2nd c-section just because 2 was my number… but since I was open my doctor did it all one time… the pain was a little stronger than my first c-section

I had a scheduled c section with my last one and had my tubal done at the same time 3 days after i was driving my car doing the normal with some weight limits

I also had mine done after c-section and I believe it took a little longer than it would’ve if I wasn’t getting it done. I also had 3 c-sections so it was a lot of scar tissue. So far I have not had any issues and my child is 5, but everybody’s body is different (just keep that in mind).

I had mine done. I don’t feel like it took much longer at all. Maybe 15-20 minutes. No problems after. Same as healing after my first c-section.

It only adds a few min to surgery… I had mine done and they did it while they were getting what they need to with baby done!! It didn’t feel much longer than previous sections… healing was the same…

Added about 8 mins. Nothing to bad. Im glad I did mine. Having some killer monthly visits but 2 c sections were enough for me. Good luck momma.

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I had mine done after my 2nd c-section birth. It went extremely smooth, no issues and it was the BEST thing I ever did - haven’t had to think about birth control in 15 years!! :yum:

I’ve had a lot of issues since I got it done but then again everybody’s body is different

Yes I did n no regrets - after both kids were c sections I was done :white_check_mark:

A tubal does not cause premature menopause only a total hysterectomy will do that.


My daughter did . Easy peasy

I had it done during my csection and it all went smooth and didnt take much longer

I had it done and my periods are really bad know and extremely painful which was not an issue before but that’s just me I wish I didn’t do it

I had it done 14 months after my last child. The surgery and healing was easy but the monthly visits from aunt flo is 90% worse than before!! I’ve heard this from several others also!!

I think everyone is a little different, but I done this after having my daughter. My surgery went smoothly and it didnt take long at all. I had no issues as far as surgery or with the healing.

I had one. You will barely notice the time. The only complication I had was an extremely heavy period afterwards. But it’s only that first period after

I was in the room during my clinicals and watched the procedure. It looked to be the easier route. It didn’t take but a few minutes