Did anyone get COVID while pregnant?

Any Mamas have Covid while pregnant? I’m going in to be tested today… I’ve completely lost smell and taste; I’ve just felt off the last couple of days; I’m got diarrhea, runny nose, congestion… I am 23 weeks.


I had it at 35 weeks. My symptoms were very mild. Crazy cough for a few weeks and extra exhaustion on top of the prego exhaustion lol. No issues with the baby.


Yes, currently 36 weeks & I got admitted. My vitals were at 90/70(BP), temp of 40 deg C, oxygen levels were extremely low. First diagnosed as a false negative I was sent home with antibiotics. One week later my platelets dropped right down to 14. It’s been 13 days of isolation, physiotherapy & lots of blood tests. Going for a C-section on Monday & I pray that my platelets will remain where they are. Look after yourself & get the best care possible at this time.


My friend did and she is good. Another friend got covid and 2 weeks later delivered a healthy baby. :pray: for you

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I tested positive while in labor last week. I lost my smell, taste, had eye issues, an extremely sore body, and the worst migraine. My newborn tested negative and has had no issues!


34 weeks and have it. I have been lucky with my symptoms. My OB just told me to make sure to hydrate, rest, and take vitamins! They did tell me if my fever got above 100.1 that I needed to go in because they may need to give IV fluids at that point. I was surprised by the 100.1 fever needing to go in because it seems fairly low to me.

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I am 21 weeks and currently have it :pensive:
No fever. Started with sneezing and congestion. Then had Terrible migraine, burning and pressure in my eyes and nose, loss of taste and smell, diarrhea and exhaustion

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I just got out of quarantine. Tested positive at 13 weeks. I started with a rapid heart rate and terrible headache. Developed a fever, runny nose and cough. Lost sense of smell and taste on day 6. No smell still (day 13) and taste is about 50%

I managed not to until baby was 4 months old… me, dad and baby all had it but my 3 year old never got it. Baby had zero symptoms and is perfectly fine. Hoping you and baby are as lucky as we were. This is definitely a difficult time to be pregnant especially with hospital and clinic visitor restrictions… good luck to you mama!

31 weeks with covid right now. Symptoms were loss of smell and taste, coughing, and stuffy nose. Self quarantining at home, hospital stay not needed. 3 days left of my 10 day quarantine.

I had it at 16 weeks, just felt like the flu for about 5 days.

i was 36 weeks and had it was very exhausting and breathlessness with terrible also loss of smell n taste and temperature went hight fir few days on off xx then had my healthy baby boy a month later xx

Me twice my first 3 months. But doing great

Yes, I was unlucky and had to be hospitalized 3 times. Baby was okay though. :two_hearts:

Me. I just slept as much as possible, stayed hydrated, used Vic’s and relaxed as much as possible

Yep! Monday i went into labor at 35 weeks and tested positive. No symptoms except the preterm labor.

Yes 24 weeks and 7 days in

I had it at Christmas time. Same weeks along( 23). It was like a cold in my head. Lasted maybe a week but it lingers with new symptoms. My ob said vaccine is not approved for pregnant women but baby, myself, and family are all fine

I did when I was 26 weeks and felt like a bad cold and sore throat. I also had no sense of smell. After I got a fever I felt alot better and started getting my smell back. Dr told me baby helped me as I am diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in stage 4 with one kidney. Drink alot of orange juice and if you don’t have a humidifier run the shower it helps with sore throat and yes get alot of rest.

I have had a stuffy nose and headache.

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