Did anyone get pregnant after getting a tubal?

Have any of you ladies had a tubal at a young age (24) , then later, gotten pregnant naturally? I know it’s not so common, but I also know it DOES happen…


Yeap… tubal, then natural birth, and another tubal

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I had one in 2012 I was 25 haven’t gotten pregnant :crossed_fingers:t3:

I got mine at 30. I’m now 47 and no problems

My cousin did. She had a tubal around 26 or 27. Then had a son at 30

40 when i got mine. I still get scared it i dont have my monthly. Hell no… no more kids. So far so good

Gosh nearly 30 some years ago, mine burned not tied. No births.

Had a tubal 6 years ago, wish I could have 1baby with my husband now

I know of 2 women that had tubal then ended up getting pregnant both within 4-5 years.

Had a friend with 5 kids got a tubal with that baby, baby #6 came one year later, was meant to be she’s a doll, no more babies , totally got tubes removed

Had mine done at 23. I’m now 48. No issues.

Yes twice and I had miscarriages both times

No, but I was born couple years after my father had a vasectomy. He never went for his check up. When they found out I was coming he did & his “swimmers” were still active. :woman_shrugging: I was MEANT to be! :muscle: :rofl:

Had mine cut and burnt 29 yrs ago and I’ve never had any problems

Had mine clamped at 23 in 2006 and no pregnancies

Had mine done 3 years ago and I’ve had no issues

Nope mine was done 14 years ago and no issues now 40

I think you need to clarify “tubal”… some people are responding to tubal pregnancies (ectopic) and others are responding to tubal ligation (removing/tying tubes)…:joy::woman_shrugging:t2:
Yes on the ectopic, no on the ligation


Yep, got pregnant 4 times after my tubal ligation

Yup tubal 2016, pregnant year after then after that had another tubal and haven’t fallen pregnant