Did anyone give birth at 32-weeks: Was your baby okay?

I’m in the hospital for my liver acting up it did the same with my last but this time I’m almost 32 weeks. I had my last at 34 weeks. Anybody else have their baby at 32 weeks and they were okay? I’m just worrying as my last had to stay in the hospital for almost 3 weeks


I had my son at 33 weeks they were able to give me medicine to make sure his lungs developed faster. He is great but did stay in the NICU 5 weeks.

My first was born at 32 weeks due to placental abruption. She was fine. Only in the hospital for almost a month. She didn’t have any issues. She was only on oxygen for a couple days as a precaution. We have been pretty blessed. Goodluck to you! And prayers for yall!

I had both mine at 30 weeks and both are doing well. They are 7 and 9 now.

My baby was born at 27wks.

I had my baby at 33 weeks she spent 10 days in the nicu and she was fine just needed to gain more weight. And we didn’t have time for the second shot for their lungs.

I had my last at less than 28 weeks she’s fine

Just had my daughter May 20 at 32 weeks. I had the steroid shots to develop her lungs. She stayed in the nicu for 15 days. She actually did amazing if it wasn’t for her bili levels acting up. She was only on oxygen for a day. Good luck mama’s

I delivered my son at 32 weeks 6 days and he had to stay in the hospital for 28 days. I then delivered my daughter at 32 weeks 4 days and she had to stay in the hospital for 23 days. No ones knows why I delivered so early. My body just couldn’t hold them in any longer.

2 of ours were born at 28 weeks one has cp but does fine he`s 43 and works everyday the other is the successful of my 5 kids

My oldest son was born at 31 weeks. He spent 6 weeks in the NICU. For the most part, he is a healthy 5 year old.

Had my daughter at 31 weeks no problems when born had to stay in for 3 weeks to gain weight but she’s 12 now and almost tall as me :see_no_evil::joy: x

with the advancement of technology now I think your baby is in good hands with doctors and nurses of today :heart:

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I had my daughter at 32 weeks due to preeclampsia I was terrified by me and baby were okay she was 4lbs exactly and stayed in nicu for 8 days no tubes or anything to help her breathe

I had one she was in the hospital a month and she is now 7. She struggles developmentally. But other than school and not fully understanding without help she is a healthy happy kid. Gets into trouble and all. Deep breaths

I just had my daughter at exactly 32 weeks she came home from the NICU at 34 weeks and 5 days she was 3 pounds 12 ounces when born she needed very little help breathing the biggest thing was her weight had to be 4 pounds at the minimum because I think that is the lowest car seats go

I had my daughter at 25 weeks. She weighed 1lbs and 15 oz. She was in hospital for 9 weeks, but is now an adult.

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My brother and mother were both 3 months premature
Both turned out ok.

Medicine has come so far, babies survive being born at 23 week🖤 good luck momma

I cannot answer your question directly! I will however keep you in prayer mommy and your sweet precious unborn gift from God!.. all the best with the labour :gift_heart::gift_heart: